PHOTOS: IAF Tiger Moth Flies In Rajasthan

4 thoughts on “PHOTOS: IAF Tiger Moth Flies In Rajasthan”

  1. Great to see our aviation history being lived! We just need to get a few of our old Prentices, Hurricanes, Spitfires and Vampires flying again. They would make a great ambassador for our aviation heritage!

  2. Although iaf efforts are worth a praise , these projects should be turned over to (yet to be formed ) Indian Insti. of Aviation.

    Otherwise we will never get the best and brightest interested in aviation

  3. This aircraft of IAF represents more than first fighter of IAF, it represents an (R)IAF which took part in attack on first free Army of India "The Indian National Army"…..Can never be proud of anything Tiger-moth is representative of in IAF!

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