Reports On Another Tejas Delay (Meanwhile, here’s more about the platform’s composites)

There was a report in a newspaper today that deliveries of the Tejas to the Indian Air Force could be delayed till the end of 2011. Trying to gather more info. Will post.

32 thoughts on “Reports On Another Tejas Delay (Meanwhile, here’s more about the platform’s composites)”

  1. Hahahahaha plz read the report sir ! That reporter might on high,he totally mixed up everything like FOC and IOC ..EVERYBODY KNOWS FOC WILL BE THEIR ONLY BY 2011 END. Lol but induction going to start by march 20!!

  2. Good news, IAF don't want a 3+ gen fighter anyhow. They would prefer to have a 4+ gen aircraft. There are also reports that the weight is over 7000 kg.


    What is the empty weight of LCA?

  3. Unless and until the flight control logic algorithms of the FBW flight control system are fully validated and flight certified, no service induction will take place. It's that simple. Only after the flight control system has been certified for operational flying will it be possible to carry out full-scale combined mission avionics suite/weapons integration trials-cum-certification (and validation of the weapons management/delivery algorithms reqd by the mission computer). First deliveries for IOC-related activities will likely be delayed by another six to eight months, at least.

  4. Tell me when we are Goin to see our pilots flying our bird even pak Got there jf-17 and flying with pride.i have seen lca in nagpur this summer at hot weather trials its a pleasure but wat abt IOC.

  5. Airbus 400 has been delayed by several years and so is the case with all modern jets whether military or civilian. Few months delay is understandable. Tejas FBW got a major hit when that Bhajpa langur exploded nuke bombs and thereby all our R&D work were sanctioned by western countries. Just few days back these sanctions have been lifted. Let us give our scientists the time and resources to develop the best. Even if it is delayed by one year, no big deal. Let them work with the best and build the best.

    what is the USE of late crash aircraft (LCA) …. if IAF is not going to use it…or Sulur airforce station needs it very badly to protect it from the nearby district people…hhahaha…
    its funny..
    Dont waste hard earned peoples money like this junk projects.


  7. @ Anon 11.08: So what you're trying to say is that India should not have tested its nukes so that the Tejas FBW system could be developed?

  8. @ Anon 11.08

    Bhajpa langur tested nuke bombs we dont have a nucler armed pakistan attacking us or china thinking twice about attacking us agaian.

    Bhajpa langur got more done in their 5 years than what Congress horses did in 50 years. Also, bhajpa langur also eat money but they atleast do some work and know what is national pride.'

    Even LCA is done it needs Nuke bombs loaded at its hard points to be an effective fighting machine.

    End of story! Doid not want a political comment here in thi sdef forum but dude u started it.

  9. POP patriotism at its best

    DRDO scientists are NOT your father's servants.

    you all guys are working in some MNCs SELLING SOAP or foreign banks or writing code for your white MASTERS.

    WHY DIDNT you all join DRDO after your education.

    Just arm chair critics you all. GO TO HELL

    IF you want change BE the change .DON T talk.

    ATleast the DRDO people are trying.

  10. To Gautam, MPatel & Aniket: Any R & D process is evolutionary and sequential: without the Tejas Mk1 there will be no Mk2. Therefore, let us just be a wee bit more patient. The airframe per se is not overweight, especially after all the flight test telemetry equipment is removed following flight certification. Let's see if there is now sufficient on-board volume within the avionics bulkhead to house both the ELTA-supplied multi-mode radar & possibly an IRST integrated with ELBIT Systems' Dash Mk3 HMD.

  11. GTRE has been 'trying' for past 60 years to deliver an engine. ADA has been 'trying' to deliver LCA for 30 years. NAL has been 'trying' to get Saras flying for 20 years.

    Unfortunately, our poor private 'baniyas' and 'bhajpas' do not have the luxury to 'try' indefinitely at our own leisure with infinite funding paid from taxpayer pockets. If only everyone worked in Parasitic Sucker Undertakings(PSUs)!

  12. In the backdrop of this news ADA conducted first flight of LSP-5. It's time Livefist breaks the pic of its cockpit. We are waiting.

  13. Mathi Man

    What was the need for langur to "test" nuke bombs within few months of their taking office??

    What has langur done in 5 yrs? have you forgotten bangur langur taking money openly in front of the Tehelka camera?

    Their exploding nuke devices as mega Diwali crackers led to Tejas development going behind by several years. ISRO, DRDO, BARC etc. etc. were all effected by the sanctions. Most probably you are not aware due to sanctions even we couldn't get vital components for western ACs and helicopters in our fleet. As a result several of them were scrapped or cannibalized for parts.

    We have tested a nuke devise way back in early 70s. Nuke bombs can also be tested in labs there is no need to actually explode one. All this monkey antics were done just for cheap popularity.

    If langur did so much then why were they booted out?

  14. XM

    Private baniyas have been pushing Ambys for last 50 years with no sign of any progress. Their modus operandi is very simple, get a shoddy obsolete foreign product at rock bottom price, stop any competition in local market with the help of netas and babus. Once the competition has been taken care of, sell that same heap of rubbish at inflated prices for eternity or till some major catastrophy takes place. Hence no need to spend any money on R&D when ready bakras (Indian taxpayers) are available for the babu-neta-baniyas.

  15. Selective amsensiac Anons @ 11:24PM

    If your beloved Kangress achieved nuke capability in 1974, why did they stop all reasearch after 1 test? Why not carry out a full series of testing and weaponise the designs? Because they were too cowardly to do so. The 'langurs'(shows your mental age) had the guts do to what your divine Nehru-Gandhi dynasty could not for over 50yrs. Not surprisingly after they returned to power the new foreign minister exclaimed that the nuke tests were 'a big mistake'.

    Why do they get re-elected again and again despite weekly scams in every sector, triple price rise since 2004 and a governance that is fully corrupt except for a puppet at the top(the 'honest' PM who makes excuses for the crooks surrounding him)? Because in democracy public get the government they deserve, and people like you vote for them because they are 'secular'(Shh, dont ever mention Sikh killings or Nandigram) and NDA/RSS are 'communal'. Even if a convicted murderer from UPA stood in election against a BJP social worker you will still vote for the murderer. After all they are sickular crooks(forget Sikh killings plz).

  16. [email protected]:31pm,

    If you don't already work in a PSU, you should apply as a spokesman for one of their unions. Because the lies, half-truths, cheap insults, hate speech and propaganda are naturally ingrained in your mind.

    Why uses the Amby? Government babus and netas, including officers from your precious PSUs and DRDO labs. And I note your brain does not have room for the vehicles of Tata, Mahindra, Bajaj, TVS, and Ashok Leyland(no, stuff those rehashed Nano rants up your 'other' big hole).

    Defence PSUs and Ordinance Factories have been pumping out, sorry, 'licence-producing' and 'co-producing' obsolete foreign maal for decades and still do but if some private co tries the same then they are profiteering 'baniyas'(Nice language btw, how close is your physical age to your mental age of 14?)?

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