R.I.P. Colonel Neeraj Sood, CO 18 RR

Colonel Neeraj Sood, Commanding Officer of the Indian Army’s 18 Rashtriya Rifles was killed carrying out counter insurgency operations in Kuligam in Kupwara Distt in J&K last night. His unit laid two ambushes to dominate the area; one of them led by the company commander, made contact with militants. On getting information, Col Neeraj Sood, along with his Quick Reaction Team, being the closest at the Company Operating Base, rushed to the site. In the ensuing firefight the Commanding Officer sustained a gun shot wound to his head and succumbed to his injuries. The Army is presently continuing its operation, in the area.

Colonel Neeraj Sood was commissioned into 8 Rajputana Rifles in Dec 1992, and is an alumni of National Defence Academy, having passed out with the 91 Regular Course from IMA, Dehradun. A keen sportsman, the officer had extensive counter insurgency experience. He has been an instructor at the Army’s prestigious Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School at Variengte and had a high profile. The officer is survived by his wife, Priti, a house wife and an eleven year old daughter, Mishika, who is studying in class five. Rest in peace.

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  1. Our men are dying because of wrong policies.
    The problem of Kashmir is continuing for last sixty years. For a change, we must try a military solution. If USA can be aggressive against terrorists within Pakistani soil, why not India. The world listens to the mighty only.

  2. Too tragic!!! is it common ppl of the rank of colonel will directly participate in the operations? the terror pigs must have used sniper rifles to shoot high valued targets from long range!!! RIP brother!!!

  3. Tragic news indeed. MoD haggles over basic protective gear like BJP's and helmets for soldiers who are fighting FOR the nation whilst traitors like Geela-Nahi and other traitorous separatists get 5 star treatment and medicare at the best hospitals, free of charge. For how long will the govt keep dragging its feet over this issue? The hordes jumping the fence are not going to stop. Time to bump off a few separatists who are averse to negotiations. Agreed it will set the valley on boil but it will certainly send a message to these terrorists.

  4. Our politicians are scoundrels of the First Order. For them the loss of a valiant soul is of no matter. Nuke Pakistan so that our country can live in peace ever after

  5. my dad is posted there too .you dont know how my family feels when we see sons and widows crying over a dead soldiers body .it is heart wrenching – amit . all we can say is R.I.P .may god give strength to his family . JAI HIND .

  6. Know him very well.Shocking news. May God rest his soul in peace and grant strength to the family to bear the irreparable loss.

  7. From LT. Manoj Kumar Pandey to Sqdrn.Ldr Ahuja to Sepoy Santosh Singh to and now Col Neeraj Sood

    AND from Capt Kernel Sher to havaldar Laalak jan to Capt Bilal to Capt Junaid……

    valiant soldiers will keep dying for their respective beloved homelands ……

    As long as the Kashmir crisis remains unresolved; sons and brothers, husbands and dads will continue to be lost in real and proxy wars.

    Its time to accept the most unacceptable realities that the 'attoot-angg' and 'Kashmir baney ga Pakistan' philosophies have wrecked havoc in the region……Time to give Kashmiris the right to….. LIVE. OR …. keep burning and burying your 'heroes' . Some will disagree while others will be furious, but at the end of the day……. it's about KASHMIR.

  8. a conventional military solution will never work without a 50 million stron army with boots on the ground. to occupy the place this problem demands a multi pronged solution hit the finances and flood the countries with heroin or crack cocaine.

  9. My tributes the true son of the soil…..

    I wish that ..some online database should be created of men n officers n their dependents , who lose their lives in CG n battle..so that we all can help their famlies n do our bit to make their lives , a little bit less tough….

  10. We shed a tear for this brave soul. This is Indian Army for you – where such a senior officer is personally involved in the firefight.

    We are proud of our soldiers and proud of our army. This is a difficult moment for all of us – these are losses that can never be replaced.

  11. God bless their family.

    Now the govt will neglect them because they are no longer any "use" to them. This is our sad state of affairs. Our govt and people should never forget the sacrifice the armed forces make to the nation so that others can enjoy a peaceful and free life.

    Shame on our politicians.

  12. I will not blame pigs alone..Indians living in J&K are surely supporting those pigs..and i would like to kill them all. Once for all.

    I do not believe in nukes and at the sametime do not believe in open borders. Let us keep our house in order and then face the enemy. Then we will have real-fight.

  13. May the valiant soldier rest in peace. May the bereaved find courage and solace. May Col. Sood's supreme sacrifice renew our resolve to crush terrorists and the wicked country from where terror emanates from.

    Jai Jawan
    Jai Hind

  14. The problem of militancy can only be solved if the Indian army is given free hand or if we let the local police do things their way.and this would happen only when our corrupt politician would stop appeasing the minorities. Otherwise we would keep losing brave soldiers like Colonel Neeraj Sood.

  15. I AGREE WITH ABOVE. those pakistani terror pigs must have used sniper rifle to his him in head. why did such senior officer picked up mobile when deep in operation?? these muslim pigs have technology to track locations of officers by tracking mobile calls. so sad. god give peace to his soul. those terrorists pakis must go to hell.

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