HAL-UAC Multirole Transport Aircraft Schematics

17 thoughts on “HAL-UAC Multirole Transport Aircraft Schematics”

  1. Sick and tired of these schematics and proposals. These designs and proposals never materialize and always remain on powerpoint presentations.

    Aren't these HAL people do not get bored of showing heaven in my palm.

    SICK SICK SICK AND TIRED of these models

  2. HAL -Jack of all trades and king of Powerpoint presentations! Nothing more than that.

    HAL should show at least they can crank up production lines for Tejas LCA and concentrate on that only.
    Damn HAL and their powerpoints proposals

  3. HAL never delivered anything on time except its helicopter division.For the delayes in Tejas production only HAL is responsible, they ignore production of Tejas for their on Jet trainer project.We oftain blame DRDO but DRDO developed many world class products like Pinaka system,Tejas,Arjun tank,INSAS rifles but due to the poor quality control of the HAL,OFB,BEML this products failed.

  4. I have to admit the design of MTA , is quite advance , and made with keeping the future in mind …. although I would like to see , if the production model has the ability to stretch like the Antov 225 …. spec aren't bad either , i mean once you consider the cost , which under 40 million.

    for all them naysayer ……. apart from usa , russia , europe …which country make their own jetliner ….. one think you have realize , is you have start some where …its better to go in for low risk approach like joint -production , then go it alone …….AND just for the record , aircraft design , development and manufacture , takes decades , yes decades not months , it not a cellphone or a ipad …everything has be custom made and fail safe …for military and well as civilian use , even Boeing had to be spend close 40 billion , yes billions in design and development of the Dream-liner , a company which has more than 50 yrs of experience and it took them close to 25 yrs to get a production model certified ………

    My advise to sunshine stop watching too much t.v …and get yourself a library card

  5. People are now really fed up with conceptual designs, power points and prototypes….billions of tax payers money have been invested to this projects keeping national security in mind. This money otherwise could have been spent on education, health, better drinking water, electricity production etc….but for national security shake these money were invested in all these organizations…but the results re depressing. Its time that people are held responsible, I feel we have enough talent awaiting for a chance to prove…those sitting as babus and not performing must be kicked out and young, dynamic, energetic, patriotic and skilled Indians gets a chance. The regional lobby inside the DRDO and other organizations must be brought down so that deserving candidates gets their due.

  6. @ 12.09

    FYI hotshot , in India less than 2.77% of the population pays tax …so chances that its your money are pretty long odds …. secondly think about the employment for 10 of thousands of engineers and the revenue the plane will generate , when its sold to civilian operators like freight airlines ….cuz they anyways hate using Boeing or anatov or airbus , becuz either its too expensive or too inefficient ……this is niche product , built to minimal maintenance

    Lastly billion of dollars haven't being invested …all they did was to sign 600 million usd design contract ( 300 million from India, 300 million from Russia) ….. By the way DRDO budget less than 3 billion p.a ……….and just you know India spends most in the world in subsidiaries ….and for that every financial institution in the world has being howling like dogs to get the gov to abolish it ……

  7. The concept of the MTA is stolen design concepts from all over.
    The tail is stolen from the c 17 globemaster, size is A400 ish, overall this is a mini C 17-ski.
    And HAL can't build the engine for this.
    They can't design the skeleton for this. They don't have it in them to integrate this and flight test this.
    In the end, the russians will do all the work, HAL will license produce this thing, and give ghoos to the netaji in delhi

  8. Interesting would be to see how much work share HAL passes on to other production houses and hush hush manufacturing line supposedly existent in Indian privet sector.

  9. @ XXI: Only 2.77% of the population pays tax…so is it something to be proud of…isn't it a failure on the part of Govt. of India and we Indians as a whole..we do not even have the moral to pay our taxes. Please go and check the amount spent on LCA, Kaveri, Nag and so on which have been such models and prototypes..all those investment and result is some engineers have finally learnt how to give power point presentations. How many LCA has been sold … name one product that has been exported (Except-Dhruv) About thousands of engineers getting jobs…oh yes..good but just for the shake of jobs one cannot keep feeding people who just sits and takes their salary home…there must be accountability..perform or perish…India do not have a lack of talent…every year thousands of engineers roll out from Universities.. how many planes has HAL sold to civilian agencies in the past..the only thing HAL has been consistent with is delays…thank GOD finally A K Antony has shown interest on bringing in private parties to compete with HAL…ope now the KUMBHAKARAN-(HAL) comes out of sleep. Something drastic had to be done…

  10. I am one of the 2.7% who pays the tax..I haven't received my tax returns for last 3 years 🙂 …I have the complete right to know where the hell is that money going and how is it utilized…I want it to used wisely and for the benefit of people of my country who truly deserve it…

  11. Minor correction, Only 2.77% tax payers in India is nt true actually every body pays tax in India, may be only small percentage pays income tax bt VAT, surcharges etc. Taxes are paid by every body.

  12. @xxi

    May be only 2.77% pays direct taxes (income tax). However, everyone pays indirect taxes (VAT, service tax etc.)

    Majority of the govt. revenue comes from indirect taxes.

  13. HAL must be full of people having thesis in power point. When there is requirement , they instantly come up with a power point that surpasses the requirement. But in reality they can't even make a cycle. All they do is repair and assemble. HAL has now become a parasite feeding on Tax Payers' money. Why blame IAF for being unsupportive when they need best machine to fight dragon on one side and a pig on the other. Take any project and you can be sure that HAL will mess it up beyond repair. These morons can't even make a damn trainer. All you see is slides in first event and a crappy model in second event. And when the actual thing is ready, either it is not needed or it blows itself to pieces.

  14. Intentions are good but timing is not.
    We just bought a bunch of planes from US to take care of next 15 years.
    We should now focus on civil airliner market a.k.a NAL Saras and develop it's bigger cousin to replace the small Boeing-Airbuses. They can be modified to suit military requirements 10 years out to enter in service 15 years out. This fits well with the Dhruv-Rudra-LCH approach wich worked very well!

    Also, HAL has no pedigree in large aircraft building and better off floating this idea to private sector.

  15. @Anon 7:55: I know all your insider sources of information must keep you well informed enough to make accusations of criminality, but you might want to have them check again this time:

    MTA is nowhere near the size of an A400M. It's equivalent to C-130J or KC-390. In fact, Russia is planning to induct it along side the An-70… a plane which ACTUALLY is equivalent in size to A400M (and which Germany considered acquiring for the exact role of A400M, until political/industrial considerations took sway).

    You really have to consider, if one can get such basic facts so horribly wrong, perhaps one shouldn't be throwing insults around, and should perhaps just try learning and informing one's self in a humble manner.

    FYI, pretty much all transport planes look 98% similar. Il-76 is an outlier, mostly because of the wierd glass dome in front, but it's also a design from the 60's.

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