TV Station Gets 1st Video Images Of India’s Arihant SSBN

I’ve been watching this video on loop for an hour. Don’t really care that the actual clip is only a few seconds long. This is awesome because it’s the first public video of India’s Arihant nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, scooped by local journalists for India’s Zee News network. Here she is escorted out of the Vizag naval harbour area on Monday. (And yes, that’s clearly a P17 class stealth frigate in the foreground).

7 thoughts on “TV Station Gets 1st Video Images Of India’s Arihant SSBN”

  1. Please post about planned Indian warship export to Vietnam. Barracuda patrol vessel GRSE is supplying to Mauritius.Indian long range supersonic cruise missile project etc. need to see more from you Shiv.

  2. Looks like the officers on board the Shivalik class are on deck to wish Arihant all the success on her maiden voyage !

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