UAV INDIA Part 1: First Ever Impressions Of AURA, India’s UCAV

What you’re looking at here are the first ever manifestations of what India’s UCAV, codenamed AURA, could look like. These are images from an official presentation (see slide) by India’s Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) director PS Krishnan, outlining AURA (Autonomous Unmanned Research Aircraft), a programme that was nameless and obscure in the public domain before it was reported on here on LiveFist and on Headlines Today. As you can see from the slide, the ADE describes the AURA as a “self defending” high speed reconnaisance UAV with a “weapon firing capability”, which seems a typically laboured way of describing the obvious. With the programme still in its project definition stage, the images used in the slide above are likely just representative (the tacky flag-on-underbelly routine a-la Lockheed Nighthawk with stars and stripes), though it’s a definite indication of how the programme’s scientists are thinking. It’s all fully in line with what former DRDO chief controller for Aeronautics said in 2007: that India’s combat drone would be a stealthy flying-wing concept aircraft with internal weapons and a turbofan engine.

Tomorrow: Part II — The Rustom-H MALE UAV Detailed

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  1. Maybe another 10-15 years before we can see a prototype. Then another 5-10 years for a LSP version 😀
    Would anyone like to make a bet against my predictions ?

  2. looks like a cheap crap copy of nEUROn , I dont think this shit gonna fly without foreigners help . btw DRDO sux bigtime .

  3. DRDO should JV with pvt/abroad vendor's for tech integration and to minimize deadline period or other wise it will take a decade .

  4. if the west can do it, we can do it better. Even if it takes 30 years er or so, we can invent a better square wheel. After all we have very good expeiencce with the ARJUN,Lost Combat Aircraft and so on.more money down the drain is what I suspect

  5. what is the timeline they are looking for?
    when they are expecting the fist prototype to fly?

    are there any other country involved in this project?

    best of luck to DRDO.

  6. The First and Second photo aren't even of the same design!! WTF is up with that ??
    Are there two designs or is that supposed to be the same design ?

    Also, why do they release these "computer generated" models about what ifs and what maybe's ?? It is clear from the pictures that this another "concept" aircraft just like how auto manufacturers release concept vehicles that never actually make it to the roads.

    A UCAV can only work when you have worked out real and tangible objectives you want with the craft. Shape, design etc are all contingent on a final set of requirements that are both practical and required. The Rustom itself has yet to get off the ground as a viable craft. Lets take it one step at a time DRDO!

  7. Thanks Shiv. Keep them coming. God bless ADA and thanks for your efforts. You people are great, don't know how you manage to keep your chin-up while working in this extremely negative environment.

    Anonymous @ 8:05AM
    Accepted AURA is cheap crap copy(even when dimension not out yet) of dassault nEUROn. But tell me what nEUROn is, isn't nEUROn itself a CHEAP CRAP COPY of X-47B or X-46?

    Anonymous @ 6:58 AM.
    You may like to open your window and fill yourself with pleasant surprise that dawn gone long by, its about to be afternoon…

  8. The pictures or models look great! But the big question is how practical are these machines? Can DRDO make such machines flying with necessary equipments. Anybody can make a RC plane now a days. But can DRDO come up with latest UAV?

    I read somewhere, Pakistan is collaborating with Italy to make UAV and they are in the final stages of deploying. May be true or may be false. But, Pakistan is taking the help of Italy to make UAVs. Can India or DRDO collaborate with some other countries, say Israel, South Korea, Japan, etc.


  9. Shiv, why do the photos look like they are from different aircraft? Its as if someone at DRDO/HAL has just sent you pics of some foreign UAV he was editing on his computer! They are 2 completely different designs!! It would be helpful if they mentioned some dates as to when it is supposed to be operational. I hope it wont be 20-30 years as many of the products are.

    Isn't DRDO/HAL taking up too many things at once? Rustom/UCAV/Saras/Airavat/LCA/MCA/FGFA/MAV/90 passenger a/c etc etc
    Its becoming a factory of dreams! I want to see them actually making physical things rather than images. Can they get the manpower/resources for all these programs – so that they are delivered on time.

    Any comments Shiv?

  10. Ravi…These are FALCO UAVs, an Italian UAV by cell, bone and blood nothing pakistani in it at all.


    To all who are skeptical about ADA's capability. Guys you are right it is no way a cake walk for DRDO but then don't you people feel its always better to do something than sitting still. Apart from it veteran IAF officers have already spoken that "no one is going to sell this technology to us in near future and if we need we will have to go by self".

  11. Way to go ADA & DRDO. You've to have a dream to achieve it. Those who have one will realise one. It is a dream concept that's taking its wings. I wish the people invovled in this journey a great success.

    Going back to money, now a days even small economies are doing well in R&D and now think about we as a 100 billion population are capable of what. The R&D in India is taking its wings and especially the aeronautics. Look at the LCH.

    I'm expecting a great surge/ revolution in Indian aeronautical development. Atleast its my opinion any way.

    Btw Shiv, I've asked you for update on IAC. 🙁


  12. @Shailendra, israel knows nothing(zilch, nada) about making a jet-powered UCAV. and it is countries like south korea that have much to learn from us in aeronautics, not us from them. wake up, switch off NDTV and throw away those manu pubby reports, learn the reality.
    a bunch of liars on western payroll are out to malign Indian efforts in Indian media, so that their masters can get orders. don't fall for those tricksters.

  13. I am the Ravi @1:15PM

    See, the problem is unless our own Indian Govt, (worst part of in an Indian's life), realizes the real danger, we do not know what to achieve. See, the China-Pak Nuclear deal. The deal will be so secretive, so that no world knows what kind of things going in Pak Nuclear centers.

    It is high time, India should categorically say that, the deal will have impact on China-India relation. Cancel the deals in which Chinese companies have contracts. Make military agreements with Korea, Japan, Philipines, Vietname and Taiwan, (Yes Taiwan). These countries should make high tech weapons, including UAVs. Any collaboration with others countries like South Korea and Japan will always help India.
    Our country has good basic research infrastructure. What India lacks some areas of high technology. Japs and Koreans are good in these technology. Similarly, India's space tech is much more mature than Koreans and as good as Japanese space. But a collaboration will be always bring the best from each other.

    Unfortunately, Indian Govt takes any steps to please China. There lies the problem.

  14. My dear Indian brothers,

    When I read comments from chini & Porkis, I just smile.

    Please You do the same.

    Because we know we will reach there…………………….

    May god bless India .

  15. Shiv, are these official release, i mean they bear the insignia of drdo and GOI…or is it a private artiste release…And plzz dont say that its a cheap copy of euros and americans..bcoz most ucavs look the same…nEURON itself is a copy of B2..but that doesnt mean much…If its really an official release then its simply greatest newz of the decade…DRDO GIVE BETTER THAN UR BEST….

  16. Ravi/anon @11:14 PM
    Yes you are right, but that needs leaders with some balls. Not old men like MMS who takes his cue from italian women. It needs leaders with strategic vision and someone who wants to make india a power in the 21st century, not people who want to make a quick buck for personal gain.

  17. To the IT Ravi and Family Ravi
    You are the Both Ravi's – Hope you find many other ways to keep smiling. You are done.
    @Anon 2:08 PM
    You will never find a great leader – because you have nothing to offer. Its fun for you to condemn hard working people and finding their shortcomings.
    @All other posters
    Do you have anything going on in your lives – especially the clowns who utter filth like "Porkis" and "Chinkis" to Indian patriots better than them.
    @Scum coming up behind me.
    Shut up and go do your work, assholes – unless you have some information to offer.
    These commentators are losers who will destroy India/The World.
    All they want is to do the Excel Pivot. There are millions of "Amerikis" who will help them.
    Their true God is Jesus, Mohammed – that is what they are looking for – these drug addict scum bags.
    Bloody moron assholes! Fuck you!

  18. The pics published look like they came straight out of kinder-garden drawing competition.
    i think drdo should show some professionalism and should have produced some cool drawings atleast.

  19. OT (if there is anything like that)

    Great posts Shiv at BR on the topic of "Are We Ready for a Two-front War ?"

    I think more people should read it.

    The last time China attacked India was during the Cuban crisis.

    Right now there are signs of deepening recession (depression?) in the US which may force the US and other countries to rework their priorities.
    When the Chinese leadership realize their vast reserves are taking a beating or emerging mass unemployment, they may want to unite the country through war.
    Taiwan is probably at the top of their list. I think the day Taiwan falls, war with India is on the cards. Pakistan will be more than ready to join hands.

    Policy – Either both India and China survive, or neither will.

  20. Let's focus on building a good TVC fighter first… first things first. HAL/ADA should be careful about where it's resources are going, since they don't seem to have much.

  21. I stumbled upon this article…..

    Jun 13, 2010
    No JV with India on fifth-gen fighter: Sukhoi chief

    MOSCOW (BNS): Russia’s Sukhoi Company has ruled out the possibility of signing a joint venture agreement with India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the development and production of the PAK-FA fifth generation fighter aircraft.

    "We don’t plan to sign a joint venture. We have agreed on joint work with our Indian colleagues,” Sukhoi head Mikhail Pogosyan was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

    The General Director had earlier said that an additional agreement would be signed with India to specify its role in the project.

    But on Friday, he said that the Russian company hoped work would begin soon without any such deal and that the joint work could be carried out under the current agreement.

    “We will do our part of the work, our Indian counterparts theirs,” Pogosyan said, adding, “At the initial stage it is not necessary to have a joint venture.”

    India is partnering with Russia for the joint development of the stealth fighter aircraft. The two countries had signed an intergovernmental agreement in 2007 as per which HAL was identified as the nodal agency in the project.

    Sukhoi and HAL, in early 2010, formally agreed to jointly develop the stealth fighter aircraft.

    Indian Air Force, which would acquire 50 single-seater fighters of the Russian version, would induct another 200 two-seater fighters beginning from 2016, according to reports.

    The new aircraft, designed to fly at supersonic speeds, will compete with US’s F-22 Raptor fighters. The first prototype of the stealth fighter, T-50, is presently undergoing flight trials in Russia.

    It is scheduled to enter service with the Russian Air Force in 2015.

    Read this again
    "Indian Air Force, which would acquire 50 single-seater fighters of the Russian version, would induct another 200 two-seater fighters beginning from 2016, according to reports."

    I happened to stumble upon Wiki it says:-
    "The Indian Air Force will acquire 50 single-seater fighters of the Russian version before the two seat FGFA is developed"
    Can this really happen??????
    Would india get the single seater before the double seater???
    Article link:-

    Wiki link:-

    replies wud b appreciated…..thx

  22. The two photos do not match.
    The second one with with flag on it shows a broad inverted triangle area – in between two tails; whereas the same area is missing in the first top view photo. 🙂

  23. The correct answer would have been for the model with the flag: QinetiQ 5 / Boeing 1303 (2006) Thanks everybody for playing!

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