US DoD No.3 In Delhi, After Hawking UAVs To Pak [UPDATED]

Will be attending a briefing tomorrow morning by US Under Secretary of Defence for Policy, Michèle Flournoy, visiting Delhi to push forward Indo-US defence cooperation. She arrived in the city after giving the Pakistan Army a rousing round of encouragement in Islamabad two days ago. “There’s no doubt about Pakistan’s commitment to the war on terror,” she said there. Flournoy is part of what is likely to be one unending barrage of high-level visits to India ahead of President Obama’s in November. The US is working hard to (a) get the contentious CISMOA/LSA/BECA troika of agreements concluded, and (b) finish up all the paperwork for at least one big deal that could be signed during President Obama’s visit. Sources say, this could either be the deal for 10 C-17 heavy transports (in the bag, for all practical purposes) or the follow-on deal for six more C-130Js (also in the bag, for all practical purposes). Other high-value deals awaiting decisions or in process of evaluations, apart from the MMRCA, include ultralight howitzers, attack and heavylift rotorcraft and the re-engining bid for the IAF Jaguar fleet. Hope she says more than the last couple of American babus who came. Stay tuned.

[[email protected]] The briefing yielded little. When asked about the troika of agreements pending, Flournoy said, “The agreements are not a requirement for defence trade, but are necessary if defence trade is to be taken to the next level.” She also said the US was “mindful” of India’s concerns about the supply of conventional weaponry to Pakistan.

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  2. Shiv,

    Please do ask the questions based on wiki leaks.

    if you can ask a question, then please do ask these.

    In Pakistan, Madam, you said that there was no doubt about Pakistan's commitment to the war on terror, can you say they are committed, when Pakistan's ISI is operating/ supporting anti-Indian terror groups.

    b. 26/11 mastermind roams free and is protected.

    c. American Soldiers & Indian Civilian Staff are being targeted by ISI led groups in Afghanistan, yet US seems to be ignoring the double standards by the Pakistanis.


  3. After Arming Pakies with more and improved F-16, SP Guns enough to support two Armoured Divisions, Many more APCs, Sophisticated radars and UAVs, for free, what is she doing in India. Counselling perhaps !It is well said that those weapons given to Pak are not to kill Osama but to embolden Kayani to attack Bombay once more ! With some more double agents may be.

    What is USA offering to India for a price? Heavy transport planes (for flood relief or quick carriage of NSG after Kayani's men strike in another city)? US interests are well reflected in their deeds rather than words.

  4. Absolutely not. No deals to be signed with the stupids. Who is letting in these Idiots into India. The terrorist sympathizers need to be kicked out for ever. No more further aircraft deals. What ever we have is more than enough.

  5. Let Obama come see India and go. But no deals should be signed with these idiots. Also never ever let any officials like the one above to come to India. Tell Obama that he can come to India as a tourist with his family to be our guest but not officially. I don't understand why the government is allowing the U.S president to India when their actions on supporting Pakistan is increasing and showing no sign of change from their earlier stance of using Pakistan to hurt India.

  6. Simranjit Singh

    Shiv Sir, you promised to post detailed report on India's HSTDV…

    Where is it ???

    It's been a long time..Please post it…

  7. It seems if these agreements are not signed some core tech/weapons will not be offered to india in ex., P8i .
    while comparing with F-18 , Rafael / EF typhoon seems to be better for IAF if the price issue come less .

  8. Being a woman, she has right to travel on any UAV donated to Paki. Also she may have authority to divert all the F-18s from MRCA to pak free of cost.

  9. These americans first give the pakis everything they want and now they come to india to sell counter measures and other things. But the real problem is not in washington, its in new delhi.. with (wo)man mohan singh doing everything the americans want, they will probably shove some deals which we are not keen on. I hope the MRCA isnt one of them.

  10. In 71 when Indian relations with america were bad and they had better weapons than us but all this didn't deter Mrs Indra Gandhi in doing what she did.
    So why be scared of Pakistan now. And cry whenever american sell weapons to Pakistan. Now time is ripe just as the american start withdrawing from Afghanistan by 2014. India should teach Pakistan a lesson which they would never forget. during the time we should make preparation for the same. we were so successful in 71 because Indra Ji had told army to prepare themselves in advance. moreover the world opinion is against Pakistan.

  11. USA take a walk. Indian's do not need any of your hardware that are bugged to malfunction to suit your needs and when we need it most. You now want CISMOA/LSA/BECA agreements. You guys must be on dope with your president. Obama is not George Bush who is still regarded highly in this country. What have you done for India, except armed Pakistan with weapons to use against us. Walk the talk. India is your strategic partner or tactical partner. If you ask us to sign agreements, then you need us just to suit your needs. We are not interested. We have good friends like the Russians, Israeli's, French, Germans and the others with whom we can tango. Adios Americanos!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. USA delivers following for fre :

    Major post-2001 defense supplies provided, or soon to be provided, under FMF include:

    -eight P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft and their refurbishment (valued at $474 million);
    -about 5,250 TOW anti-armor missiles ($186 million; 2,007 delivered);
    -more than 5,600 military radio sets ($163 million);
    – six AN/TPS-77 surveillance radars ($100 million);
    -six C-130E transport aircraft and their refurbishment ($76 million);
    -five refurbished SH-2I Super Seasprite maritime helicopters granted under EDA ($67 million);
    -one ex-Oliver Hazard Perry class missile frigate via EDA ($65 million);
    -20 AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters via EDA ($48 million, 12 refurbished and delivered); and
    -121 refurbished TOW missile launchers ($25 million).

    Supplies paid for with a mix of Pakistani national funds and FMF include:

    -up to 60 Mid-Life Update kits for F-16A/B combat aircraft (valued at $891 million, with $477
    million of this in FMF, Pakistan currently plans to purchase 35 such kits); and
    -115 M-109 self-propelled howitzers ($87 million, with $53 million in FMF).

    Notable items paid or to be paid for entirely with Pakistani national funds include:

    -18 new F-16C/D Block 50/52 combat aircraft (valued at $1.43 billion; none delivered to date);
    -F-16 armaments including 500 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles; 1,450 2,000-pound bombs; 500 JDAM Tail Kits for gravity bombs; and 1,600 Enhanced Paveway laser-guided kits, also for gravity bombs ($629 million);
    -100 Harpoon anti-ship missiles ($298 million);
    -500 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles ($95 million); and
    -six Phalanx Close-In Weapons System naval guns ($80 million).

    Can madame tell us if those huge armament and weapons are meant to catch Osama? Neval machines and PC-3 to detect Osama in Arabian sea? Lies ,Lies and Lies…

  13. @rajiv
    are you residing in India or being brave from abroad?

    –> Maybe Pakistan will then teach India a lesson that the next 10 generations of Indians wont forget. They have at least 90 warheads and probably can assemble more has they have the fissile material. Oh if you have met any Paks, they hate you guys so much that they will happily cut off their noses to hurt you bad….you just need to give them an excuse.

  14. This is stupidity, on one hand Obama wants to restrict outsourcing to india which will affect our economy and on the other hand he is pressuring india to sign some deals and trying to collect some billions of dollars. On both hands friut would be eaten by america. This is nothing, but Obama's wish to double the US arm export in coming years to support its economy.

  15. @Dragon..

    Rajeev is right and you are wrong. India has demonstrated it past and will demonstrate it again at opportunate time.

    Do not sidetrack the issue, let it reamin on course..

    Pkistans ays as a mercinary clientale proxy state are numbered. Pakistan is surviving on Saudi, US and Chinese aid. The states have permannet interests and not permanent friends. May be tomoorow India is more important for the permanent interests of these countries..

    Even if not, there can always be a contest and countries do not plunge into contests to harm their own interests. Nuclear weapons are not end by itself.. look at former Soviet Union. Look at North Korea. ..bloody failed state. They can put those nuclear weapons somewhere else as Pakistan will do it someday.. May be American cities and Beijing would be first targets of Jihadi nuclear bombs.. 90 of those.. you never know.

    Mark my words…

  16. @Dragon:
    It is very obvious and clear that you r a paki and nosing around in this forum. Your name Dragon shows that as usual you are hiding behind the Chinki skirt for protection. Rajiv is right in his opinons. It is very clear that you are pointing at Indians. U know the problem with you pakis is that you want to be equal with India. India is the 4th largest economy in the world and in military strength you guys know it. Fade away. You are no comparision to India. Yes, you make a good comparision with Afghanistan where the people are more knowledgable than you fanatic guys.

  17. @Dragon,

    We hate you Pakistanis far more surprisingly for those who actually perpetrated things on your ancestors starting from Mir Kassim because you are carrying their agenda. Bahaut purana hisaab baki hai.

  18. There MUST NOT be any decision on CISMOA, LSA, BECA taken without a Joint Parliamentary Committee(JPC) comprising representatives of all the political parties. One party cannot be allowed to sign away our sovereignity. Even Charles de-Gaule was smart enough to see through the coming overlordship of unkil and did not allow France to become a full member of nato.

  19. Dragon that to is chinki name use some thing of your own also 90+ warheads ok keep em balochistan is getting seperated maybe u will find a use and yes do not say that this part of India is seperated or so because that just a copy of my statment kid grow up nuclears did not help in Kargil fiasco did they remember what unkle SAM told to your trigger friendly general do not try to show your knowledge here go to the pak defence forum you will get a lot like you be happy

  20. @ Dragon

    Hi Dragon ji
    For your Info i reside in the largest and most populous state of India called Uttam Pradesh. Ruled by a flower lady called Malawati.(For our Indian readers) Live very close to Delhi one of first target of your nuclear tipped missiles.

    Now tell me what would our armed forces doing when u guys would be nuking us. Probably our navy would swim away to south pole or air force would fly away Hawaii.
    Unlike u beggars We got enough resources to cover each inch of our mother land with batteries of S300 and PAC 3. And our air force even without our Sukhois would shoot down all your vintage F16 and Mirage Roses within
    our own air space. Our Agnis and privthis would convert Jinnah's pet project into a nuclear wasteland,Sight of which would probably make Jinnah would shit in his grave.

    So beta ji we are not scared, we are ready for any thing other than being attacked from behind ,2611 is the perfect example of this.
    So bring it on and world would witness the full fury of Indian valour and Russian technology.
    after we are done with you
    we would make the present afghanistan look like paris when compared to totally destroyed Pakistan.
    Even alien would be scared to come to earth after seeing your state of affairs and don't expect Saudi sheikhs to come to your rescue they after seeing the Indian Fury would probably run way to moon.

  21. Well Done Rajiv….

    The Arab Seikh and their Terrorist Financial Center, and their Shikargah, Rahimyar Khan would be the first place to be vapourised along with friend Dragon..

    Rahimyar Khan has developed as a "Seikh Center" where the oil rich Seikhs have bought vast chunks of Ruhi land (Cholistan) for their Camel race practices, backside practices and Shikar of the wild animals. So Seikhs do their Shikar of animals and Paki boys there.

    Rahimyar Khan also happens to be a place where largest amount of Arab money comes as Zakat for aiding the terrorist. It is home to many Al Quida connected Terrorist network.

    It is a large Paki Army Canttonment and in that canttonment, terrorist training is organised by ISI.

    Dragon appears to be from there

  22. Pakistan gets equipment for free to "fight against terror" aka use against India. In turn, we have to pay premium and sign humiliating 'accords' to buy US equipment.

    Quite simply, by purchasing US equipment we are financing Pakistani armed forces.

  23. @rajiv

    "Indian Valour", the world over you guys are known as cry babies (i am being gentle here!)….Ever been to some ME/european countries the indians are openly slapped there.

    Heard about your brave young students in Australia?

    Someone asked an Australian gangster on tv why they don't pick on pakis and lebonese…you know what his reply was?…they have balls….

    You indian are not know for balls and have never been respected as such. Look at the size of pak, yet they hold you to the ground and you cry to American 'please help us' and we will buy from you. You know how degrading that is for a nation that has more beggers than the whole of the african continent :-))

  24. ooooooooooooo!!!!!!here we go again a porkie in dragon viel bt its always a porkie no matter wot lol!!!!!u kno buddy as i can see its not india who cryin 4 help bt pakistan knealin 4 sum AID to save its peepz from flood hahahahaha… how many porkies r australia BTW ??? nd xcept plottin bombing in OZ ,wot else dey do ??? yeas!! u got ballz of CHINESE made known as PING PONG BALLZ..its only real ballz dats makes a real man nd cum forward to protest against racism bt u never wants to cum forward cuz u loves slavery even today nd never tastes de sweetness of democracy bt u always end up in an ARMY GENERAL SHITHOLE DICTATORSHIP lol 4 lol…. now yes i can look @ size of porkiestan ,nd its horrific dat counrtry like britain nevers misses to remark PAKISTAN AS DA WORLD LEADING EXPORTER OF TERROR hahhahhaah GO ND DIE IN UR PORKISTAN ATLEAST OUR BEGGERS NEVER ENDUP IN SUICIDE BOMBING nd kill deir own peepz huh…STOP living in ur fantasy world nd CUM TO GROUND ZERO….

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