11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Cockpit View Of A MiG-29KUB Landing On Vikramaditya”

  1. Thanks 4 sharing this video. Pity the landing gear on all naval fighters. The landing gear must be going through so much stress as the plane comes to almost an abrupt halt once it lands on the carrier deck..

  2. Suspicious me thinks this is computer generated at least partly.

    No "bobbing" as the arrester hook takes hold, no people swarming to "unhook" und so weiter.

    If any one knows the width of the carrier one could also calculate the approach speed which apperas pretty low.

  3. Sad that we could not take delivery of this beauty in December 2012. Would have been an awesome sight.

    Anyways, we've waited this long, another year will not really make a difference.

    Looking forward to the carrier and her air wing being inducted into the INS. It will become the flagship of the navy and a jewel in India's crown.

  4. Flight simulator ??

    This is not the real thing is it?

    There are no deck crew or anything else present which is a bit strange.

  5. Its 5(6!) year behind schedule and with INS Virrat rebufsiment costs have more than trippled.

    One or maybe the worst deal India made. Ever.

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