VIDEO: First Indian C-130J Takes Off!

15 thoughts on “VIDEO: First Indian C-130J Takes Off!”

  1. Have you seen the pic of anthony with clinton. The guy is a midget. Are these the world conquering indians that pakistani supposed to fear? Is it a wonder pakistan(i's) feel so confident wrt india(ns).

  2. Photo-op.

    You will notice that the water spraying through the air from both sides gives a very nice "rainbow"… which is by design.

  3. To Harinder Kumar,
    Its called a WATER SALUTE. It has been a tradition to welcome new aircraft(s). Water cannons from a fire truck are used.


  4. Lockheed was always better than Boeing at publicity and marketing. Hope the HAL's & Govt babu learn a little and market our products better.

    @ Harindra: Same reason they hold the bats up when someone reaches a milestone or does something extra-ordinary in cricket.

    Guess Lockheed is happy to bag its first big deal from India.

  5. @G Harindra Kumar,
    I think that it is a ritualistic symbol of a blessing.Its given to an aircraft completing its maiden flight or on such other special occasions.I recall of a A380 being similarly sprayed with water on its first flight.

  6. @Anon 4:38
    When will you ever realize that human ability is not proportional to size? Go and read the history of the great emperor Napolean. Pakistan would be never forget the pain caused by loosing to another short indian Lal bahadur shastri.

  7. Anon 4.38 So was Hitler and Napoleon. Don't let their looks deceive you. I know u r a Paki feeling jealous of all these goodies from America, while you get only brickbats from them.LOL!

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