VIDEO: Indian BMD’s New Interceptor Missile Tested

Official DRDO Statement: In a significant milestone achieved in the direction of developing a two layered Ballistic Missile Defence system, DRDO today successfully carried out the maiden PDV mission meeting the mission objectives. PDV mission is for engaging the targets in the exo-atmosphere region at about more than 120km altitude.
Both, the PDV interceptor and the two stage target equipped with motors were specially developed for the PDV mission. The target was developed for mimicking a “hostile  Ballistic Missile approaching from more than 2000 km away” was launched at 0907 hrs from a Ship in the Bay of Bengal.
In an automated operation,  radar based detection and tracking system detected and tracked the enemy’s ballistic missile.  The  computer network with the help of data received from Radars predicted the Trajectory of the incoming Ballistic Missile.  PDV that was  kept fully ready, took-off once the  Computer system gave the necessary command for lift-off.
The Interceptor guided by high accuracy Inertial Navigation System (INS) supported by a Redundant Micro Navigation System moved towards the estimated point of the interception. Once Missile crossed atmosphere, the Heat Shield ejected and the IR Seeker dome opened to look at the Target location as designated by the Mission Computer.  With the help of Inertial Guidance   and IR Seeker the Missile moved for interception. 
All  events were monitored in real-time by the Telemetry/Range Stations, at various other locations. The mission was completed and the interception parameters were achieved.

11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Indian BMD’s New Interceptor Missile Tested”

  1. Not very impressive velocities on display. Most BMD system's seen in operation have ground to intercept times of between 12-15 seconds to account for the ferocious velocity of most ICBM warheads. I'm guessing they are using an unmodified Prithvi motor just adjusted for intercept tragectory. But nevermind, as long as the system is effective at its intended role in an actual target scenario then the means matter little.

  2. The "PDV that was kept fully ready" statement is suspicious. Are they using the old liquid fueled motors for the interceptor? That defeats the entire purpose of an interceptor.

  3. Great going DRDO ! And to the uninformed critics, you've absolutely no idea what it takes to develop a BMD.

    Have to salute Viv S from BR forums for a blitzkrieg of absolutely great opinion on inducting Tejas jets, and scrapping the PAK-FA in favour of AMCA.

  4. Dear Sir,

    More anti Indian's (read Pakistanis) are posting in your blog than Indians. Like one anonymous at 09.28. He is insulting all Indians and you are publishing the same.

  5. catching up with pak and china.. LOL.. they dont have a anti-ballistic defence system to catch up with.. wake up

  6. Guidenace is the most important and critical component of this missile defence system, india does not have the technology for it, so they imported it from Israel.

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