Video: The Horrific Russian Knights Su-27 Crash

Courtesy ITN on Youtube

4 thoughts on “Video: The Horrific Russian Knights Su-27 Crash”

  1. Looks bad. Though the collision's missing and so is the other aircraft. Have the authorities held back the video of the exact collision till the investigation is over?

  2. It appears as if one of the engine nozzles has been catastrophically damaged on this aircraft leading to loss of flight control. The aircraft enters what looks like a bunting maneuver. The pilot ejects before the craft goes inverted. There appears to be no damage other than the nozzles.
    Could be the other aircraft rammed it from behind, or there was an error in judgment when in close formation. This team is particularly known for flying tight formations.

  3. Relax guys, this is common for Russian planes. Especially if they meet Western planes in conflict. Russian pilots are used to getting out in mid-air.

    Even the Pakistani Blk 52 solahs will cane more than the expected number of MKIs in an aerial clash.

    Cue sobbing and head waggling here again.

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