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    UAC IL 214 is 20 tonnage class and Airbus C295 is 10 tonnage class ……… So how can one replace the another?

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      Shiv Aroor

      Read closely. That’s a separate tonnage entirely. The C295 is of a class closer to the An-32. The mention of the MTA is to talk of upheaval in the 20-ton plans too.

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    IAF’s transport wing has always had workhorses. We should grab the opportunity to get it assembled in india . Navy should also look at replacing Dorniers with this planes.
    If possible there should be a civil variant, we need. Not import such planes for airlines.

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    gurinder kehr

    This aircraft can also be used for anti-submarine warfare. I am surprised that DRDO is not working with the manufacturers to offer this to our Navy. I cant see how the Navy can carry out Anti-submarine patrols with just 8 P8I

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    gurinder kehr

    Hi Shiv. Any idea on the progress of this program?


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