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    Any proof for these line ” But Dassault is clear — there’s no ‘Make in India’, if it can’t build at least 200 jets here.”
    or Blatant lie.. MII requirements for orders was never said 200
    It was Boeing at 200, Saab also 200 and LM at 160 jets and only Dasault said at 90. It is then only all folks started talking about 90 and now scaling it back to 200 and yet DA never uttered the 200 jets requirement in public as minimum for MII plan.

    Livefist should grow up.. it’s fine running a PR campaign and always talking in favor of your paymaster, but blindly saying DA said that is malicious as well as utterly disgusting coming from a senior journalist.

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      Vikas Dangi

      At least modi govt trying to ‘make in india’.

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    You do make some good points – but pal, to implicate that Shiv is only on Boeing’s payroll is rather disparaging for a nationally renowned defense journalist. Shiv is on the payroll of DA, Saab and a bunch of other OEMs …going by the ads on this website – not just Beoing 🙂 …and that befits his stature !
    Now, let’s get trollin’ 🙂 …..

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    Honest feedback

    This was the first time I was visiting your and reading an article. Too much jargon, unexplained abbreviations & technicalities. I’m not sure if any lay person like me will revisit if your articles continue being like this.

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      Shiv Aroor

      Feedback noted. Thanks.

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    Not insisting on engine type.. Leaves door open for ..F35.

    Now will LM do a make in India with a 200 jet deal.?


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