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    It is time HAL is split into three separate entities , one which will work very closely with DRDO to develop new Engines, avionics, radars, jamming pods , etc for aircraft , One which will independently test and develop further / integrate equipment developed by DRDO and one that is exclusively into serial production of the various types of aircraft

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    Hari Sud

    Who knows that IN may be back after they are not able to find a naval fighter of their specs in the world markets at price they want to pay.

    So continue work on it. I am sure India Navy is pulling a fast one, over Government eyes but when they figure out that, other than F18, which requires steam catapult, no other plane is suitable, they will be back. Gripen and Rafale Naval are unproven naval fighters, these are pricey and look good on paper.

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    Dalip Singh

    can we by any chance have a good looking photo of tejus — non of the earlier ones are good looking

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    This is extremely great news, and veritably demonstrates the sincere dedication of the scientists & engineers at DRDO. Just because a half-drunk Naval commander/Admiral said that they don’t like the N-Tejas and are lusting after foreign jets, the DRDO did not give up!

    I’m sure that the N-Tejas will meet or surpass all the expectations, after getting retrofitted with the more powerful GE F-414 engine, as also structural modifications. It’s range-ayload specifications, which are already much superior to those of the Sea-Harriers, will imrove even more.

    Finally, if those tottering Sea-Harriers could be utilized by the Navy for so long, why not Tejas, which is orders of magnitude superior to the Harriers?


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