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    so according to boeing ,migs which protected indian skies for decades suddenly a junk??

    even boeing india team does not have inner working access to technologies which they want to sell in india.

    just like mig29k , every single part will come from USA in case of brakedown for f18, iac 2 is 15 years away.

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    robert john

    Boeing wants to sell us its legacy F-18 which the US forces and its allies are replacing with JSFs. The campaign against the MIG-29K has been carefully orchestrated .The same aircraft flies with the IAF with no problems.However,if there are problems,the MIG corp. should rectify them and it would be far easier rectifying any faults than buying another type and trying to squeeze it into two carriers which were never designed to operate the aircraft. Unfortunately,there seem to be some in the IN who want another carrier tailor made not for the IN’s requirements but for the USN’s requirements! IN reality we would be paying for another carrier that practically would serve the USN’s interests in combating China. A large carrier plus all the accompanying warships,subs,etc.,would be simply unaffordable. Instead a dozen long range supersonic Backfire bombers based in S.India could easily deal with any PLAN surface threat .

    The greater priority is to asap increase the number of subs in the IN which has fallen dramatically. China will possess almost 80-100 subs by 2020,Pak will get 8 new YUan subs from China too and we will need at least 36-40 subs both nuclear and conventional AIP subs simply to counter the Sino-Pak challenge. F-18s are not a priority at all,subs are.

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      AIK Boing still supplying FA-18 to USAF, first FA-18 entered in service only in 1999. So, FA-18 won’t be replaced before 2030.

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    I think it’s totally waste of time and taxpayer money If we really want something so it would be F35 LightiningII like fighter under true transfer of technology either go with TejasII which is worth because at war like situation only home technology can stay with you if you hard work for f16 which will even not started it would take 2022 at that time whole world fly 5th Gen fighter and many started Israel japan …etc please save the every penny of India don’t go with 4th Gen fighter jet …

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    Devinder S Chohan

    Boeing and Lockheed,are not as enthusiastic to set up shop in India as you portray them to be.Yes they will ,if allowed, set up a production line in India sans transfer of technology.Russia is more likely to transfer technology if do you really think India has Tech. competent people to absorb it or work with it.In my humble opinion,India does not have means to absorb or use advanced Tech.I follow aircrafts since 60s and I can tell you this Tejas is not a 4++ aircraft as you are saying.It is design fro 60-70s Swedish Drakken,
    Sorry if I have misconstrued your thoughts


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