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    Where can we find the RFI?

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    Hari Kiran

    Rafale Vs Hornet

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    I have a feeling that this one is going to go down as a battle between the Super Hornet & the Rafale-M. Both being CATOBAR it also means that the IAC2 will be built as a CATOBAR with EMALS. This will as detailed in the article enable the IN to operate fixed wing AEW aircraft in the class of the Northop E-2C.
    As far whether Boeing or Dassault will take this one completely depends on the merit of their respective “Make in India” offers. Boeing clearly has the edge notwithstanding the argument Dassault is likely to drum with commonality with the IAF for a bunch of reasons which are as follows:
    (i) Much more comprehensive “Make in India” proposal
    (ii) Same power-plant as the Tejas MK-II leading to ToT on engine technology from G.E for use on the AMCA
    (iii) Potential to collaborate on development of the AMCA
    (iv) To curry more strategic leverage under a more muscular US presidency
    (vi) Better partnership for developing a thriving aviation eco-system in India – Dassualt is no match for Boeing in this regard.

    Time will tell but at the moment it is advantage Boeing.

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    You guys write about the tejas bashing it everytime like a spoilt boy dismisses the lower end car for an imported one. We know you dont want it, so dont buy it but dont bash it “overweight”, need more engine power etc etc on the Tejas. Its generations ahead of the imported crap you fly already. Dont under estimate your own strengths, leave it to the enemy to underestimate. Why dont you evolve of your thinking?

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      Suresh Rao

      Spot on. The Air Force has already done it . Placed orders for a measly 83 Tejas Mk1A which they will keep on shifting the goal posts to ensure that it does not enter service ever and spend USD 20 BN plus on a junked single engine jet – either F-16 or Gripen E. On the other hand the Chinese already have the basic version of the 5th Gen fighter jet and we are still “considering” a clearly outdated single engine jet. Under these circumstances do you expect that the Navy will be any dufferent ???
      They are ready to put up with a faulty MiG 29 (recently MiG corporation sent to India 100 Mig 35 Engines to power the MiG 29 Ks) yet they will brook no quality gap as far as the Tejas is concerned.


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