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    What is the logic behind 28 + 8 in the 36 ordered?
    Standard squadron strengths are 16+2, which should translate to 32+4.
    Assuming the extra twin seat orders specifically for the strategic delivery role?

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      Deepak Hegde


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    Does F3R integrate a two way datalink with Meteor?
    Is F4 paid for or is it subject to future acquisition decisions?
    (considering that much of F4 involves the optimization requested by IAF such as HMDS and integration of new weapons)

    Any information on the version of M88s ordered and an upgrade path if any in the future?

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      The news in France are that Rafale will only use on way datalink for Meteor.

      France decided to wait for Rafale F4 standard to use HMDS, but F4 isn’t mandatory.
      Qatar will get Targo II HMD with Rafale EQ/ DQ also based on F3R. Se the picture of the pilot in backseat:

      So far there is no plan in France to make a 90kN M88. Current upgrade are focused on enhancing reliability and lowering maintenance cost.
      The M88 is modular which make upgrade easier. I don’t see Snecma sustaining different variants of the M88, so I imagine that all customers will keep up with the French engine latest variant.

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        @jojo merci beaucoup !!

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    Does SPECTRA contain a low band jammer or planned to ?
    Does the TALIOS option bring any new capability compared to the LITENING pods operating with IAF already?

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      I don’t know well enough Litening pod, but Talios is coming with high resolution IR sensor (much higher than Damocles) and color TV sensor. Articles were published about using the laser to enhance imaging.

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    Finally is the count of upgraded M2K not 49?(Considering the crashes of two twin seaters)
    As we are down to 49 from 59 acquired and ideally should have 54 to fully equip three squadrons rather than the two and a half setup that we have now (18+18+?10?).
    Any options on attrition replacements considering that IAF plans to keep this fleet operational for some time into the future?

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    Impressive !

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    Deepak Hegde

    Finally a technically good article on the Rafale on what it brings to the IAF. Great work Shiv, as usual you are spot on target ! A refreshing change from the shallow articles.

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    Rafale will bring some advanced technologies . Hope it is utilised well by IAF. It should complement the 300+ light single engined fighter-bombers being planned by GOI .
    If it is planned for a nuclear role, why is it being based just 285 km from pakistan border in the west or 100 km from china in the east ?

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    MMRCA confirm after 6 years evaluation by IAF, the superiority of rafale on all domain on Eurofighter and F18,F16,gripen,Mig35, may be india love to replay and replay and lost time and money
    for get always same result. Rafale is superior to F16 and gripen E is equivalent to M2000 with aesa with poor survivabillty. Only the F35 can be equivalent to rafale F4 in some case. F16/F18 are old gen jet fighter and time is over. gripen E is not war proven and 10 years to be mature, Mig35, always same issue, build tejas mk2 with Dassault/Safran/Thales support, it is the best solution.

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    Satish K Tyagi

    I am fully convinced now that induction of Rafale in the IAF will mark a paradigmatic shift. Kudos to the author for intricate details. However, I would like to know how the induction of cutting edge aviation technology with Rafale is going to upgrade Tejas mk 2 or the MMRCA production in India?

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    A purchaser can never win – however revolutionary is the equipment he has purchanged. In bitter reality of war games, thanks to OEMs exploitation during war, from Day1 purchasers keep reducing its number whereas producers keep on adding – so hampering sustainability in D day. Wrong planning against a worthy enemy (both Pakistan and China is a producer now) is dangerous. We will keep on loosing billions in seek of marginal better products and loosing our struggle to reach the perfection.Thanks!?

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      Rafale isn’t marginally better than Pakistan F-16 or JF-17, it’s way better. And even China don’t have AA missiles as good as Meteor. Rafale is a game changer in the region.
      During Irak-Iran war the Mirage F1 was the work horse of Iraki Air Force, and Irak wasn’t short of supply.

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    Shiv is a very good salesman for Dassault. He has already earned a lot of goodwill for them. Hope he does at least as much for Indian products.

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    Subho S.

    Whither Part – 2 ?

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    ‘Rafale will deploy the in-development BrahMos NG’

    Shiv Please get your facts straight and don’t report obscure facts.

    Do you even know how much effort will go into integrating Brahmos NG for Rafale?

    Again check facts before writing/reporting them.

    Rafale purchase is a failure of both Indian PSU’s and Private sector to produce anything viable

    Rafale deal just doesn’t seem right, given Reliance’s involvement.

    Nothing to be proud of or worth reporting.

    As a nation we should be ashamed that we are importing Rafale.

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    Sorry, article justice do justice to the .

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    Sorry, article doesn’t do justice to the title.


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