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    why army requirements are getting a second rate consideration. IAF should concentrate on building it’s dwindling squadrons and not play spoil sport with army decision to get air independent

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    Are we abandoning the lch

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    Vivek Khanna

    What a silly decision! A force of 6 attack helicopters will help the army in what way? Will the army deploy 3 against China and 3 against Pakistan? What can such a small number do in a war? Also, one can only imagine the large investment for supporting 6 helicopters.

    The army has a history of rejecting domestic systems over foreign. The lethal Arjun left to rot is one such example. The Arjun rots while derelict T-72 that cannot come close to the Arjun are sent into battle. IA’s refusal to invest in the Arjun is even more painful to observe after its T-90s made India’s mechanized forces a laughing stock during the Tank Biathlon in Russia.

    Imagine a force of 60 LCH in the army’s hands – now that would be something the enemy would be scared of. A force of 6 helicopters is not for war but for keeping in museums to show off (not our forces but our purchasing power).

    Mera Bharat Mahaan!

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    Raket Raja

    What a proud moment…….getting to use a world class product at the expense of the Indian taxpayers? What happened to the Light Combat Helicopter? Did somebody came up with a great excuse to junk that as well.


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