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    why army requirements are getting a second rate consideration. IAF should concentrate on building it’s dwindling squadrons and not play spoil sport with army decision to get air independent

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    Are we abandoning the lch

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    Vivek Khanna

    What a silly decision! A force of 6 attack helicopters will help the army in what way? Will the army deploy 3 against China and 3 against Pakistan? What can such a small number do in a war? Also, one can only imagine the large investment for supporting 6 helicopters.

    The army has a history of rejecting domestic systems over foreign. The lethal Arjun left to rot is one such example. The Arjun rots while derelict T-72 that cannot come close to the Arjun are sent into battle. IA’s refusal to invest in the Arjun is even more painful to observe after its T-90s made India’s mechanized forces a laughing stock during the Tank Biathlon in Russia.

    Imagine a force of 60 LCH in the army’s hands – now that would be something the enemy would be scared of. A force of 6 helicopters is not for war but for keeping in museums to show off (not our forces but our purchasing power).

    Mera Bharat Mahaan!

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      Vivek Khanna: “The army has a history of rejecting domestic systems over foreign.”

      Oohhhhh… another armchair expert who has is completely wrong.

      The India Army has whole heatedly adopted a number of indigenous weapon systems. The Rudra, ALH, Brahmos, Pinaka, Prithvi and multiple Radar systems are just a few of them. On the horizon are new ones like Dhanush and LCH (and yes, the Army has thrown its weight behind it). Arjun is one of the few examples of a locally developed system not finding complete acceptance, and there is very good reason for it, but then do you really want to know?

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    Raket Raja

    What a proud moment…….getting to use a world class product at the expense of the Indian taxpayers? What happened to the Light Combat Helicopter? Did somebody came up with a great excuse to junk that as well.

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      Dear Raket Raja, the two Helicopters are in a completely different class. Btw, LCH is still being developed, so no chance of inducting it yet.


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