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    There is inconsistency in data on two counts in the article on Kiltan. One is about indigenisation percentage and the other is about top speed. How do you trust the information provided if there such mistakes.

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    Debabrata Roy

    W/O ATAS how this can be a submarine hunter! with only bow mounted sonar it’s absolutely vulnerable to enemy submarines…isn’t it!

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    I had a quick question about the use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic. Given the two collisions of USNavy warships this year with civilian boats, it’s become apparent that even in a peace time incident, the incredibly high building standards are what allowed much smaller destroyers to collide into gargantuan freighters many times their size and Still be able to hobble home under it’s own power. Just how well will the use of such material stand up in terms of durability and affording ruggedness in an engagement?

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    kitna deti hain?


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