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    Respect & Salute to our Brave heart Soldiers . Thanks for sharing…

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    I’m a coursemate of Uppi’s (from the 102nd Course NDA). I’m from the infantry – but my father’s a retired fighter pilot from the IAF. Uppi was a great guy. I last met him when he was dropping loads on the posts around mine, in Siachen – back in 2009.
    Uppi – we’ll miss you.
    – Benjamin

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    Indeed a very tragic and saddening incident. Wing Commander Upadhyay’s father, just one day before his son’s crash had visited my father’s office for an informal catch-up years after retirement, both being ex-colleagues who had worked together with UP State Bridge Corporation as Civil engineers.

    Just imagine Mr. Upadhay just one day before the crash told my father of his son’ s achievements and the fact that how quickly he had risen in ranks of the Air force due to his dedication and hard work. He even said that his son had the caliber of becoming the Air Chief Marshal of the IAF one day. He further added that his son had even flew that famous Mi- 17 helicopter over Nariman house during the 26/11 attacks through which the NSG commandos had slithered down to eliminate the terrorists.

    After hearing about his son’s demise the very next day my father and all of us were really shocked and just couldn’t believe of what had happened. Indeed heartbreaking!!!!!!


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