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    parshu narayanan

    JBA…..Just Buy Armata – make it under license – we can never indigenize if our Generals don’t believe in backing DRDO ( What whatever reason)

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    Ishan Choudhary

    This is really disappointing. I think we should have contracted a German or an Israeli firm and focused on making the Arjun MK.2 MBT better and lighter. The Mk.2 had good potential. On the flip side, DRDO is to blame itself for this situation since it’s history of jumping timelines by a monumental time frame is notorious. We are still struggling to get a basic battle tank rolling out in the 21st century. Quite a shame.

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    This stinks of corruption. I have some questions for the Army top brass :

    Why did Army send the DRDO on a wild goose chase to incorporate “182 improvements” on the Arjun Mk.2 ? Agar Mark 2 chahiye hi nahin tha, then why waste DRDO’s time and effort on the Mk 2 ?

    If the weight was such a pressing concern, why didn’t the Army approach the DRDO to trim down the Arjun to 50 tons ? It’s not difficult to add an autoloader and reduce space for the fourth personnel.

    When there is agreement that the Arjun exerts lower ground pressure than the T-90, and is actually MORE mobile and agile than the sluggish T-90, does the weight really matter ?

    Can’t there be an effort to modernize the British era bridges, pontoons and railway carriages ? They probably are due for an overhaul anyway.

    The Army must answer all this to citizens. This, and the sly effort to kill the Tejas cannot be allowed to continue.


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