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    I would love to know the status of both our Arjun Mk2 status and what’s the current situation. I been hearing conflicting reports that the mk2 has been approved and that production has started while on the other hand news states they have been put on hold stating further modifications and further weight reduction. I would love to know more about this.
    My second Enquiry is about the status of the long delayed Kaveri engine. It was staged that they would bring out a working prototype in collaboration with the French Safran in a matter of 18 months and since have never heard any further news. Have they made changes or any modifications of rebuilt the entire engine from scrap? Have they achieved the required results to be used on our current/future platforms?

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    Rajnish Singh

    Great story! Congrats to Mr Chandrasekhar for his persistance. At last the heritage of India’s brave pilots will be recognised. It will be great if the IAF can get other vintage flying air craft, including a Spitfires!

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    Can somebody please identify the rifles held by our Sikh troops in top left pics , only the barrel is visible with conical flash hiders , does not look like FALs but i can be wrong


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