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    Boeing has been investing in India.
    The good thing is some parts of GE 404 used in Tejas will also be made by TASL.
    In a way slowly and surely we see a second aerospace company growing india.
    Manufacturing first, hopefully they jump to drone technology next .

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    Suresh Rao

    If Boeing alone has quadrupled its sourcing from India in the last 24 months to USD 1 Billion was all this achieved with a measly USD 0.18 million investment ????? What nonsense is this ??? Just who is the moron who is making all these statements ??? A few months ago there was a news item that said that less than one lakh jobs are being created per year. Nitin Gadkari alone has trebeled the per day road construction, Construction of Ports and other Infrastructure Projects alosne should generate lakhs of jobs . There again one really wonders who started all these rumours. SME alone would have invested more than USD 0.18 million. When bluffing , at the last present statements that are believeable. therwise one would end up becoming another Mohan Gurusami

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    K V Krishna Rao

    Shiv Aroor has been faithfully reporting the messages from the large international defence firms. I am sure he will be suitably rewarded for his efforts. The Indian public should take all his stories only as faithful reproductions of the messages from the international defence firms. The Indian public should keep up the pressure on the GoI to buy Indian made products wherever and whenever it is possible.


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