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    On one hand it does not make sense to fly just 36 jets. So common sense states buy 36 more for the infrastructure created and push AMCA.
    On the other hand the imported stuff is expensive.
    But I guess if you look at the amount of money govt is pumping into PSBs to handle NPA, we should be having money.

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      Common sense should come with pocket sense. We need development than fighter aircraft. It is more cost effective to develop our own then buy others products. Since it is more cost effective to develop and need for the progress of the country. We have 2.6 million graduates a year in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics stream. They are some of the most sought-after talents in the world. Billions spent for aircraft that are not in service yet does not make sense. For the pittance, we spend on ISRO and DRDO and other organization we still have world-class achievements in every field. Any decision of this type should be after acquiring significant numbers above six aircraft that we are able to evaluate performance and cost of maintenance and capabilities. Further seeing first the development of our nation as a leader in many fields. We should think to export aircraft instead of being a buyer of aircraft.


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