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    Good decision if made quickly.
    36 Rafale + 40 Su-30 MKI should reduce the shortfall .
    Hope these can all carry Brahmos.
    Then maybe order 40-50 MiG-29 variants , the squadron shortfall will be covered up quickly at lower costs by 2024 or so.
    We need to see our neighborhood capabilities too while ordering jets. Mig-29 can hold itself against PAF anyway.

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      Suresh Rao

      Instead of the 40-50 MiG 29 variants it would be better to acquire 40-50 more Su-30s. That way we will have a more capable fighter than the MiG29 and lesser types of jets. If the Indian Navy also opts for the more capable Tejas Mk – II variant then those MiG 29 Ks which are with the Navy can also be freed up to join the IAFs fleet with suitable modifications. And ultimately it would be very very good if we can buy the 2nd and also the 3rd lot of 36 Rafaels bringing the total Rafaels to 108


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