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    Essentially only one point instead of five. Boeing + HAL(9000?).

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    buy rafale not f/a 18…rafale M!!!

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    All good and nice political and strategical talk apart. The super hornet is a highly incapable fighter. It works best when the enemy has no airforce at all. Thanks but the IAF will make a blunder if it goes for it. All current and future American planes (in the pipeline) are paper tigers. We need fresh new blood that only competent engineers with a modern outlook can develop.

    EF typhoon, rafale, even the mig 31 is better than their crap. I dont have time to give a technical analysis, but war will teach whats really worth. and you will see.

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    Ranjeet Singh

    It is sharpest move by Boeing because they didn’t ignore HAL as Dassault did in past.This is good strategy by Mr Pratyush. If Boeing incorporate some of F-22 tech in India specific F-18 for IAF and navy it will be good for make in India program.This tie up will pave way for more Apaches,Chinooks,& V-22s platforms and joint development of AMCA.Mr Pratyush should also explore the ways for AMCA with ADA and Boeing R&D team.

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    Great post and congrats to Boeing had a wondrous run. Good luck for your feature to make india Air Force’s to proud.


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