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    What the officer states is the truth, an aircraft like avro is not versatile for today’s times. Time to move on.
    It is also time for us to develop 2nd aviation company in India.

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      Government actions have to be necessarily transparent. Otherwise there will be great political cost to pay.

      For common people, some journalists and IAF there is no cost for making stupid suggestions. When there is existing capacity in public sector why should GoI choose a crony capitalist ?

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        Subho S.

        The public sector in India has looted the common Indian man more than the entire private sector combined ! So who is benefiting from crony capitalism ? India’s GDP would be many times higher if we stopped propping up our creaking, inefficient and bloated public sector companies. They could have a role in R&D but certainly not in manufacturing or as in the case of HAL, as a system integrator. Get your facts strauight before spewing nonsense.


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