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    Krishna Rao

    Ha Ha. IAF people talking about politicisation ? No ‘Plan B’ ?. So called patentable evaluation of MMRCA which led to this mess. Batting for Rafale as if it is in another league compared to Eurofighter.
    Wading into the rafale controversy on behalf of the NDA. IAF top brass letting the IAF be dragged into the muck over the rafale. We all know who you bat for Shiv Aroor !!

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    Krishna Rao

    Your sources in the IAF are the pits. They have worked against everything Indian over a long period of time. Shiv, your site archives are proof of that. Those worthies from the IAF do not realise that they have created a treasure trove of evidence of their treasonous activity.

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    Govt should go for more advanced Super Su30mki, instead same older version .including AESA Radar.

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    Hi Shiv,


    The numbers do not add up for me, maybe you can help.

    So far the documented losses for Su-30MKI add up to a total of 10 aircraft.
    Per what is available the squadron strength is 16/18 + 4/2 in reserve amounting to holding of 270 units in 13.5 squadrons. The .5 assumed to be TACDE aircraft.
    Out of the 272 ordered so far 2 were to be attrition replacements for the earliest losses.
    These 2 could also be aircraft used in the various test campaigns needing air-frame modifications(BRAHMOS-A/ASTRA) .
    So current order appears to be for 4/2 additional aircraft over and above the losses so far.
    Are there other undocumented losses or other known reasons for this order of 12?

    Similarly the planned MiG-29 fleet should consist of 63 aircraft with 16 single seaters + 2 trainers and 3 reserves.
    The upgrade was planned for 63 airframes with a loss afterwards.
    The proposed order is for 21 and does not look for additional attrition replacement.
    Was there an additional airframe in reserve?
    I know about 80 were ordered with approximately 17 losses, so wondering why not making up full strength?

    Stretching this a bit further to the Mirage fleet.
    The ORBAT is apparently a bit more complicated; with two standard squadrons of 16 single seaters and 2 trainers + one half strength squadron with more twin seaters than single seaters.
    59 acquired with 11 losses including one of the upgraded airframe.
    Any idea if these plan to be brought back to full strength especially with 2 out of 51 upgrade kits un-utilised?

    A lot to ask I know but maybe worth looking into?


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