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    Very good article Shiv. This is an option that I hope the IAF will exercise. Should impart a lot of flexibility to use Hawks as a second line of light strikers. While being sub-sonic platforms, they have inherent disadvantages against an enemy that has capable fighters that can intercept them, if escorted by Su-30MKI, Rafale or any of the IAF’s other fighters, they could prove to be useful.

    The SAAW standoff PGM should hopefully spawn a family of glide bombs of varying sizes and warhead weights. Get a 250 kg, 500 kg and even 1000 kg glide bomb with a precision INS/GPS guided seeker. the IAF needs hundreds if not thousands of these types of PGMs stocked up for the next possible air war. Stand-off capability is a must against capable Air Defence systems.

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    Hope HAL shows similar urgency in integrating Astra and SAAW to Tejas.


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