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    The video on lower right corner clearly shows the latitude and longitude of the target.

    This is 23°45’12″N 63°00’36″E which is ~85 Nautical Miles from Pakistani shoreline. Long way from the 12 Nautical Miles of the territorial waters.

    Also, the submarine seems to be heading toward approximately 90° i.e. East (when the compass on the camera shows 270° is when the submarine is head on)… So hardly trying to enter Pakisatani waters…

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    Anupam Das

    Hi Shiv, I think this is their Agosta class. The video shows 2 masts, Scorpene has 3 masts. Also the spacing of the two masts looks like Agosta

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    S N Mazumdar

    Shiv Ji

    The shooting down of an F-16 by the IAF, and the AMRAAM casing found need to be explicitly mentioned, if you wanted to appear “neutral”, you could qualify it as – IAF states that….
    Let us give credit where it is due. The Indian services are not given to hyperbole unlike the other side. Their conduct and statements are bland and to the point, devoid of glamour as they should be.

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    Rajinder Verma

    Spotting a Scorpene Class submarine on Operational Deployment through Arial assets and filming it is like catching the Navy with itsoabts down… This is pure figment of imagination . There is simply no reason fur a submarine to surface so close to it’s adverseries coastal waters… The Pakistanis need come up with more seasoned spins … A leak that the Indian submarine is reported to have suffered damage & surfaced was a far better preposition ….

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    I am surprised by the initial confusion of the Paki Defense briefing where they talked of two Indian jets shot. Since it was a dog fight with the opponent’s come very close ( within visual range ) don’t they have digital video or stills of the engagements that can be relayed back.

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    Dar el Kuffar

    A P-3, especially flying at this height, is unlikely to force a Scorpène to surface : Scorpène can shoot SAMs like MICA-VL or Mistral ManPADS through its torpedo tubes, using special cannisters…
    Moreover, the periscope+snorkel look much more like a Paki Agosta-class than what Scorpène has… 😉

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    an alternate explanation- the scorpene had to snorkel to charge its batteries. even then this is normally done very quietly. if the Pak Orion detected its very very odd as scorpene is modern compared to the 25 year Orion.


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