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    Why can’t we buy both???

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      No need. We must export to Israel a superior weapon at cheaper price. The failure of this govt to reign in foreign lobbies within the MOD is a serious security breach.

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    Rafael failed in trials and they have the nerve to criticise DRDO?

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    Nothing new, a third rate white elephant like DRDO should not consider itself capable of making state of the art pots and pans let alone weapons system.

    Socialism and a captive market are the only reasons that it is still afloat.

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    A third rate white elephant of an organisation like DRDO should not be calling itself capable of making state of the art pots and pans let alone weapons systems.

    Socialism and a captive customer are the only reasons it has stayed afloat till now.

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    Venu Nallore

    India and Israel having one of the robust country to country relationship must be the basis of all business and commercial tie ups including defence cooperation and such businesses. Israel is one of the most advanced country in defence technology and ready to go any distance to help our nation due to the friendship. India and Israel must continue its special genuine relationship in every sphere including in defence supplies and tie ups despite which ever parties in power. They were always a friend in need is a friend indeed type country for India.


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