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    Subho S.

    The MMRCA 2.0 will die a silent death, the same way as MMRCA 1.0. The MoD will approve a further 36 Rafales in the end and move on to focus on getting the MWF 2 and AMCA fighters out the door as quickly as it can. That would be the most pragmatic move under the circumstances. That said I am super concerned about the JV that Dassault has in churning out the Rafales for India. Anil Ambani has gone on record in a statement made to a UK court that he is bankrupt ! And we are once again jeopardizing a strategic defence acquisition by allowing companies that have no financial staying power yet again ? The Govt. has just announced cashing on the bank guarantee on the 5 NPVs that Reliance Naval couldn’t deliver and now this ? Who in their right frame of mind does this ???

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    Sagar Tanksali

    At this rate, very soon IAF will have all non Chinese fighters of the world in its inventory. Then, IAF can spin off its MRO capability and earn money, if not anything else.

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    Sumit D.

    This MMRCA 2.0 is another crazy venture. IAF needs to reduce equipment types for greater efficiency. It looks like a salad right now. Just buy 36 more Rafales (which is a fantastic 4.5 generation aircraft) for IAF and another 57 for the Navy to have commonality of systems and a lower price. In addition, focus on mass producing the LCA Tejas 1A that would lead to the Mark 2 and in parallel, focus on the AMCA, AMCA, AMCA. Also, kill the MWF, stop distracting the DRDO and HAL with too many projects, neither of which are proven to be schedule driven. They have never met a schedule that they did not blow by.

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    All manufacturers, US, French, Swedes want to dump old stuff. What India should aim for is F-35. At least 72 of them for about 10 $ B… Incl.training and spares. MMRCA offers all crap, unless Prez Trump ups the ante with F-35.


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