EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Navy’s 1st Kolkata-class Destroyer At Sea During Final Trials

A bare handful of grainy photographs exist in the public domain of Kolkata (D63), the first P15A destroyer that’s been delivered to the Indian Navy today by Mazagon Docks Ltd (MDL). Thankfully, not anymore. The photograph above is the first proper image of the destroyer at sea in full operational configuration, with its decks, weapons and sensors clearly visible. This photograph, taken during acceptance trials in the Arabian Sea, provides the first comprehensive visual of the warship. Still not sure why MDL and Indian Navy chose to be so secretive about the Kolkata. As always, happy to bring you this first. More soon.

12 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Navy’s 1st Kolkata-class Destroyer At Sea During Final Trials”

  1. Small design note to point to anyone from MDL who may read your blog…

    Relocate the RBU-6000 launchers the the location just behind the Brahmos battery in the space currently occupied by the LR-SAM modules.

    This in turn frees up what is visually at least a considerable amount of space on the deck behind to add a powerful SAM battery. Any modern AAW destroyer needs to have a battery of at least 64 LR-SAM's supplemented by an equal number of SR-SAM's for point defense.

    There is a good opportunity for growth in this design. Perhaps a 2nd UVLS cell to hold LACM's can also be added to give the ship more offensive teeth.

    All in all looks to be a beautiful ship. Lets hope we build a group of at least 24 of this type to benefit from economies of scale.

  2. ^ happens quiet often Visby were commissioned with no air defense missiles (still don't have them), USSR Kirov's RIF air defense system wasn't operational for years, Lafayette had no air defense system due to delays with Aster and cut back due to $$.

  3. What is wrong with Directorate of Naval Design? This ship is 7000 ton massive destroyer with stealth feature.

    Then why did they under-arm it? Only thirty-two air defence missiles? No CIWS in front or back? 76 mm gun? Hey DND oldies, have you all gone nuts?

    Chinese Frigates and corvettes are equipped with more weapon platforms than this DESTROYER, which is horribly over-budget,took 10 years to be built and is still incomplete.

    Both DND and MDL need some to be disbanded.

  4. ^ There are 4 Ak-630 at the rear of the vessel and Oto SR are armed with ammo that can allow it to intercept missiles as well (Oto claims it is better than goalkeeper).

    Not sure what you mean by chinese have vessel with more weapons. We don't know anti missile load out and none of PLAN vessels have anything close to 16 Brahmos ashm. Also high placement of STAR radar make it far superior to anything china has when it comes to engaging low flying missiles.

  5. Ram Bharadwaj

    The Euphoria of Induction of the 1st Kolkatta class and Kamorta Class should not Obfuscate many lapses which normally is part of IN ship building program.

    The major ill plaguing Indian ship building program is Delays. The svermask or Russian yard builds Krivak class boats in 3 years. MDL does it in 9-10 years.

    The warranty peiod of many imported Equipment is over even before ship is launched.

    We must go thread bare in CAG reports to realize that Not all is well.

  6. Ram Bharadwaj


    Is there any plan of installing the Brahmos on the Delhi class Destoryers??
    I believe they are still armed with small range 110km Russian Uran Missiles also called Harpoonski

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