EXCLUSIVE: First Official Impressions Of India’s AURA UCAV

The computer images here are the first ever images from the official design phase of India’s AURA unmanned strike air vehicle (USAV), a stealthy flying-wing UCAV that the Aeronautical Development Establishment describes as an “unmanned bomber”.

In effect, what you see here is what scientists on the programme have decided it will look like — post aerodynamic shape optimization and design optimization. Almost exactly two years ago, I had scooped some preliminary impressions of the USAV, though the new images you see here show that the platform has properly taken shape now. The two “see-through” images are the first depicting the AURA/USAV with its internal weapons bays, weapons and intake-exhaust architecture.

The AURA/USAV is clearly a nEUROn derivative, and the guesswork impressions I commissioned from digital artist Anurag Rana a few months ago were pretty much on the money, it turns out.

These images posted here for the first time were part of a key-note presentation that DRDO chief Dr Vijay Saraswat made in Sweden last month at the Aerospace Forum. The presentation indicates that the USAV is to be ready for operations by 2020, incorporating the country’s flying wing design, flying wing controls, radar absorbent paint and a serpentine air intake. Important to note that Dassault Aviation, which leads the nEUROn programme, and Saab — in charge of overall design — have both offered to assist DRDO in their unmanned programmes (BAE Systems has separately offered to assist too).

More on the USAV’s technologies later this week.

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  1. Yesterday, while having my lunch, I saw in the TV news that somewhere in MP people are forced to eat cow dung due to lack of food.
    Bravo, GOI, keep squandering nation's resources on fire crackers while people starve. Biggest threat to "India" is not China or Pakistan, but the vast poverty stricken millions in this so diverse country who one day will demand what is due to them.
    Our 1st focus must be education, health and minimum std of well being for all the people of this country. Improving relations with China and Pakistan (who are also struggling with the same problems) is a much better healthy solution than squandering billions when there is so much appalling poverty all around.

    1. It's true the nation is way behind in ending corruption and hunger. However, security is also one of the top priorities as without it the India as we know today will no longer exist as a single multi ethnic and cultural entity but disintegrated beyond recognition

  2. @ 2:11 PM India is spending only 2 % of gdp in defence and weapon's instead of crying for poverty we need to control corruption 2g scam cost 1.76 Lakh crore cwg scam cost 8000 crore Is this in not sufficient to feed poor indian people.

  3. @ 2:11 PM India is spending only 2 % of gdp in defence and weapon's instead of crying for poverty we need to control corruption 2g scam cost 1.76 Lakh crore cwg scam cost 8000 crore Is this in not sufficient to feed poor indian people.

  4. @Anon 2:11 pm: I fail to understand how such humanitarian people like you always end up on defense blogs which obviously relate to defence updates and matters of defence and not exactly on the nutritional needs of the world. I am sure there would be dedicated blogs that cater to such discussions, why not spread your knowledge on those blogs.. or are you those pseudo types – those who only talk about starvation and poverty and yet visit defence blogs on the sly. I was hoping for more from you.. how could you eat your food while millions go hungry in the world..


  5. Its a good development, but as with other research programs in our country, I am sure we all hope that this AURA/USAV project sticks to its project deadlines and is inducted in the forces at sometime in the next 5-10 years optimistically speaking. Best of luck to the AURA team.

  6. Looks like it has a 4 tonne payload for the internal weapons bays. However only 2 bomb bays don't seem much flexible towards a variety of weapon systems. I hope it has some rudimentary self defense capability like a 20mm cannon at least or external weapons carrying capability, although that would increase the radar signature.

  7. Looks very good. If they can make this work, it can be a very potent weapon for India.

    Regarding the comments about poverty – there will be a lot more poverty when the country is occupied by forgein powers.

    – Cujo

  8. Its very good development that india is doing in such weaponry but it will take 2020 to get operational… how long time it is yaaar..
    I heard that in NASA many of indian people are working.. foreigners r getting best indian scientist but wat abt india… when india will get best of scientist.. ya we have in DRDO but wat abt our private sector they don't see money in this area?? many of foreign companies booking gud orders from india..
    My dear friends we need gud avionic engineers, scientist to build state of the art machinery… this investment is necessary or dragon ll eat u like Tibet which becomes chines Xizang

  9. @$uha$,
    All those engineers (IITians) are very expencive for our developing country. After compleiting their education with more than 70% paid by government means us, they will expecting salaries of US grade in India. How can we bare that? and we also has great reservation system where you have to select underperforming engineers. Luckely few of them are very good and pushing our R&D activities further. All our IITians fly to states for "better prospects" leaving their country in the same underperforming state.

  10. Speaking of china, india again wanted to become a full member of sco. I hope everybody what is sco. The organisation created by china with the help of russia and mostly dominated by china to use it for it's own interest. This move just showed the pathetic useless thinking of the indian goverment.by this move india will make china more stronger.allying with china created group which will standup against nato in future or anyone against china' will not void non allinment policy but Allying with US will void monmohan singh's policy or so called indian policy of non-allyinment . Atleast US is doing something in favor of india while china has never done anything and will never do any in favor of india. Many person hear may think that india should never go with us but the fact is without US the indian defence force will have no chance of stand against china. As if u realy see that scam which a daily news nowdays had realy eaten the indan army and may be air force to from inside. Only good thing what we have seen is the continuous increase in power of indian navy but it's not ready for a confrontation with more powerfull navy atleast now. Many of u will not agree with this but this is the fact u can't deniy and will not change by denying.

  11. Dont tell me India is going to make this anytime soon. Neither our so called R&D agencies are serious/competent enough for any kind of progress on defense equipment nor our Armed forces are interested in local made. Would be lucky to see this in my lifetime and i think i still have abt >30 years left in me.

  12. @Anon 2:11
    Your phoney concern for the poor notwithstanding, lets just say every nation no matter how poor needs defense or history bears witness their fate would be far worse then eating dung. Besides, this is more then just defense. Its a long term investment in building technological and scientific capability that will provide greater benefits in the future. Poverty isnt going to go away by just handing out doles. So save your breath.

  13. Its kinda premature to begin working on a sealth UCAV when we dont yet have a manned sealth fighter. But on the up side, a UCAV has far less overall weight and design complexities then a manned fighter that needs all the suvival environment for the pilot alongwith digital displays and control panel to provide situational awareness and ability to control the aircraft. A UCAV requires a sophisticated computer, avionics,softwares and sensor units. A UCAV has no g pressure ceiling that would black out a pilot. It can stay airborne for hours …maybe days loitering stealthy over enemy territory picking up vital intel or quietly waiting for the right moment to launch an ATG missile. If the DRDO can pull it off, it could be a war winner.

  14. Is it going to have a scramjet engine?? The exhaust outlet looks very narrow. I have doubts how the forces plan to use these birds. Stealth is a serious requirement or else these have to be escorted by other fighters each time they are out on the mission.I hope these esoteric projects are well researched by the DRDO. All the best!

  15. does DRDO know a word called 'secrecy'??
    while rest of the world designs, develops, inducts, gains expertise and then talk about their weapon system, DRDO spends years just gaining publicity and then they throws at us decades old technology. And they still expect our Armed forces to accept that s**t without any compliant!
    Look at Tejas.. will it ever fly on indigenous engine, Naag .. will it ever be out from test bed to production, Akash will it be produced in sufficient numbers, INSAS can they stop imitating AK-47 and get it replicate its durability, RUSTUM when will it be ready to fly at will, HJT-36 can it ever learn how to land without breaking bones, Dhruv when will it stop crashing like a stone and killing our own soldiers..??

  16. I think DRDO hired more artists than scientists..!! they keep releasing drawings copied from somewhere else and keep fantasizing nobody will know it.. and their scientists looses breath to catch up the artist everytime..

  17. Boeing flew X-45 UCAV from 18 months from the start of design effort, DRDO its esteemed 'Scientists' come up with this CAD model in this time.Kudos to them, way to go Chaps!

    Its time to get some sense into MOD, and start involving Private Sector into weapons developmental work.

  18. Seems like the forward section is based on the F-117 principle. and the main hull and underbelly seem to borrow from the spirit design. since the wings are swept more than the neuron or sentinel, it seems as if DRDO intends it to be supersonic. might consider "stretching" the design horizontally a little to make room for more weapons. Two BVR AAMs can be internally kept at the top of the aircraft. when stealth is not required, should have the capability to mount one or multiple 25mm autocannons. like the F-35B. i have a bad feeling the optics and avionics are gonna be foreign. well, i'd rather have foreign optics than have have the project. late. around 300 would be sufficient numbers. would give us a tremendous boost in preemptive strike capability.

  19. Countries like China and US keep their defence project classified until it is opporational. DARDO people seem to advertise when things are on drawing board predicitng wild capabilities, thus inviting criticise for not on time. They should have a policy to keep the projects classified until it is inducted.

  20. hahahahha….by 2020!!!! seriously DRDO should stop day dreaming. We cannot even build a normal aircraft with tail…n this!!!….all this drama to by the UCAV from an american company and assemble it here….

  21. Is that AURA or Northrop Grumman ucav x-47b. I can understand going for a proven and well understood design systems. But this is just lazy :S. I guess some thing is better than nothing.

  22. Hi Shiv,
    Nice pics .Now that we have appreciated how awesome (similar to NEURON) this design is, the questions remains CAN WE DO IT? Lets be frank, all we have seen is some flying models which even college guys can do (DCE). Even If we assume that we have the will, do we have resources, the talent pool, the critical technologies.Lets not bite more than we can chew. I am younger than Tejas, looking at AMCA designs copied from various sites for past 5 yrs. I am not too excited.Yes, we should aim for the sky, even if we fail,we will land in stars. But there lies the problem, our DESI BABUS will say Our SKY is not as expected by our IAF. Hence we need a tender for foreign SKY( or MAAL). As usual, I still have hope(doesn't matter even when the country is run by hopeless people) we taste the success.All the best.

    Best Regards,

  23. Design looks good, but I doubt whether DRDO would be able to materialize it on its own!

    Seeing the pathetic record of DRDO in Tejas, Arjun tank, HJT-36 and various other program I am very sure this AURA/USAV is not going to kiss the sky in 2020.

    My Indian brother, sister and comrades what we need to do now just wait and watch as we did in the past.

    Jai Hind.

  24. I like anonymous's "Can we get a half decent HPT 32 first".Why don't we prioritize those items and move from 70% imports to 50% imports first.What are the products in this "bandwidth"?

    No harm in dreaming but please please don't make this project some group's lifetime tenure. If the bird does not fly within three years it probably will not ever fly and so disband the team or give it another leader.

    Also pl.cut down the noisy "Hoopla".Tell us only when the thing is ready.It has been painful growing old with expectations. To misquote Bahadur Shah "Zafar" "Mangetkar sy maang key laya char din/Do beeta Arzoo mey/DoIntezaar mey/ ( Rough translation: From God I wanted four ( a few) days/Two were spent in Hoping,Two in waiting.

    Finally about UACVs .Yes America has them.But at the present state they must be awfully vulnerable.If we had "long reach" Sidewinders and some combined ( radar,electro-optics, radio signal detection) detection devices these things can be plucked out of the sky cheaply.I dare say the R73 seeker married to new motor may do the trick along with bits and pieces from the Shilka/Tsunguskas Tracking systems if you see what I am trying to say. Why not work on "anti UAV" devices using a combination of simple technologies which I presume we have rather than follow the flock.That will learn them!

    It can't be as great as they are made out to be.That is not to deny they may help to reduce casualties which is the primary aim of the West.So let us proceed with cheerful pessimism and ,to repeat,close the damn thing down,if it does not "trot".

  25. Between HAL/ADE/DRDO we have not been able to make any progress on the following

    1. Basi=c trainer
    2. Intermediate Jet trainer
    3. Tejas
    4. AMCA has not even hit the drawing boards.
    5. One good Jet Engine worth its Salt for TEjas

    Now DRDO wants to sqaunder Public money by making grandiose plans. When will Saraswat & Co realize that there is a difference between making PPT presentation and making things work on the ground.

    They will squander a couple of thousand crores on making stupide diagrams which will never take off.

    When will we ever come back and learn to invite PVT Companies to take risk and enjoy the rewards of such a programme.

  26. when they(hal,nal)show some drawing then result they earn money from def.bugut they not intrest in result.

  27. Yes @2:11, 6:10 is correct. Let them vote for cheap booze, biryani, free TV, rice and 100 bucks. They vote wrong, they suffer RIGHT. No Sympathies with either you or them. Finish your meal bugger or people whom you vote in power will take away even from your plate

  28. 6:59 What have you been drinking???? very soon a big big scam will surface in HAL and whole organisation will come to standstill nor tejas neither ALH, Dhruv will be delivered. This is mother f****k Congress and people that support her.

  29. @Joy et all,

    What should be our priority? Feeding and clothing our population (India has the largest number of people living below poverty line, even lower than sub saharan africa) let alone educating and housing them or designing stealth UCAVs????
    If the masses are morons like you then we deserve thieves and dumbos like Deepak Kapoor, Manmohan Singh, Mayawati, Laloo, Mamata etc. and their ilk as our Army Chiefs and "netas".

  30. Pt#1. Grossly wrong on the part of SA to RM to present such supposedly classified stuff in an international forum when the conceptual design itself is yet to be completed.

    Pt#2. Pvt Sectors? My friends, fyi, Indian pvt. sectors are too shortsighted and cant see anythng beyond next qtr. profit margins. DRDO has taken sufficient measures to rope in the pvt. sector, but they are just not willing to risk a pie in any developmental project. In gneral i.e., there are a very few exceptional cases though.

    Pt#3. DRDO indeed has lot to improve upon. But before hurling blanket abuses, please check your facts first. The projects we are talking about, only a veery very few nations in the world have ever attempted, and those who succeeded also took equally hell lot of a time to deliver. They are not making bullock carts folks.

  31. To all anonymous against DRDO,
    Pehle apne aapko sudharo i.e. govt. ko sudharu jo tumhare haat me hai. Late DRDO nahi karta govt. karta hai.
    Aj govt. se jitna paisa mangte ho wo 3-4 saal bad milta hai, kimat badta hai to phir ur paisa chaiye phir ur deri. US Dollar me dekho to hamara development cost sabse sasta hai. Till independence its govt. policy to import low tech. Because low tech comes in quantity so the scams too.

  32. Another flying wing concept of UCAV
    Well it's a proven technology flying wing concept with serpentine air intakes & RAM increases the stealth capabilities.

    Thanks to Germans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was Germans during WW2 designed the First Flying Wing Stealth Aircraft "Horten Ho 229" was designed by Walter Horten,this concept is nearly 7o years old but still proves worthy with modern Electronics & Software coding.Later USA Have copied the Horten Ho 229 DESIGN & BUILT

    Similar designs of UCAV were followed by
    1)MIG Skat,2)BAE Raven & Taranis,3)Dassult's Neuron & 5) Finally DRDO'S AURA UCAV

  33. All you humanitarians out there….no country is perfect….ppl in america are living on credit yet there country spends billions on defence….in this age of arming oneselves to the teeth its important to show ours too….and as far as courruption is concerned…its da symbol for every developing country….!!!

  34. @Vinzy

    In order to "show off" and arm ourselves to the teeth we need to have food in our belly and basic education so that we know what arms we are wielding, without this, all that you have said, sounds hollow.Btw, A beggar has little to show off.

  35. @anon 10.57

    What should be our priority? Jeez thats a dumb question! If there is money to invest, it MUST be invested in Research & Technology WITH PRIORITY! Investing time and resources in research, technology and instustry in no way precludes poverty alleviation. Bost can be done simultaneously so I dont even understand what you whole beef is. Are you say we should stop all activity until povert is totally gone and only then do other stuff? Because that is totally retarded!

    I dont know about Indian masses but you are definitely one hell of a moron. Tell me, do you even have an original plan on how to eradicate poverty? I dont think so. People like you only raise a stink when the country makes progress in other direction. Other then that you have nothing at stake. Idiots like you who have been in power for last 50 years have tried to focus only on poverty alleviation and have gotten nowhere.

    So take my advise, try some free market capitalist medication. Its might cure your stupidity illness.

  36. To anon @3:53
    Has DRDO designed a good bullock cart even?
    The only organization that has delivered so far is ISRO. Even that seems to be going downhill these days.

  37. "Pt#2. Pvt Sectors? My friends, fyi, Indian pvt. sectors are too shortsighted and cant see anythng beyond next qtr. profit margins. DRDO has taken sufficient measures"

    I would encourage you to look at INS Arihant, It could only be realized because Larsen & Toubro was in charge.

    Had it been Mazagon docks it would be facing similar delays to Scorpene Project.

    Indian Private sector companies are not shortsighted, they have immense talent and given opportunity they can outclass DRDO, HAL, NAL, OFB,ADE, BHEL…………

    However, they want to be profitable. They have to generate dividend for their shareholders and they are ACCOUNTABLE, unlike Government organizations which have not accountability (BEML Tatra episode is a prime example) and this makes all the difference.Due to Accountability Things get delivered on time due to this.

    Private sector works on a disciplined time bound approach. While the approach in Govt Sector is at best 'Chalta Hai'.

    "DRDO has taken sufficient measures to rope in the pvt. sector, but they are just not willing to risk a pie in any developmental project. In general i.e., there are a very few exceptional cases though."

    This is not right DRDO only involves private sector in Production and not in development of critical systems.

    I hope Indian Government wakes up and realizes that DRDO, OFB and all PSU's would only wasting Taxpayer's money. The future lies in Private enterprise.

    If we can work miracles in IT (Infosys,TCS, Wipro, Cognizant) why not involve private sector in Aerospace & Defense.

    Tata's, L&T, Mahindra's and many other's are renowned organizations. The need of the hour is to involve them in R&D work in a structured manner.

  38. I don't understand the defeatist attitudes of some Indians when it comes to R&D in defense: "We couldn't do it on our first try in the modern era, quickly and without hiccups, why bother trying anything else?" Sure, Tejas, along with other programs, is taking a long time to come to fruition, but why knock DRDO for working on other, clearly useful projects?

    It's almost as nonsensical as the clamoring for privatization of the defense industry by spreading manufacturing contracts to anyone but HAL. I agree, in its current state, HAL has WAY too much on its plate, but I'm not aware of any Indian companies with the technological base to make the high-tech weapons systems the indians need (making f-18 parts != fabricating stealthy, strike UAV) and don't understand why you would spread your money out to so many different players. Other nations in Europe, the US, and Russia tried this and it wasn't economically feasible…all of them consolidated their manufacturers. How about spending money on HAL's project management and manufacturing capabilities (both of which are subpar) instead? Why build up private industry that is only trying to make a profit when you can have a well-run nationalized service doing it for cost?

    To those who feel India should do more for the poor, I agree! But your country doesn't spend much of its money on weapons anyway and you don't have the friendliest of neighbors. Spending the money allocated for the military on humanitarian causes (food, education, housing for the poor) doesn't guarantee results. Instead, you need the develop the means to use your money more effectively. Taking money from one government program and throwing it at another doesn't solve the issue. What is needed is concerted effort from the whole population with realizable goals to help their fellow man. But it is no easy task to convince the well-off to help the worse-off or the worse-off the make use of that aid…especially with a population over 10^9 humans.

  39. HAL wants to do License Manufacturing only. LCA would have been long inducted if HAL would have put enough efforts.

    They have a typical mindset, and no amount of Project management will work with them.

    The need of the hour is 'Competition from Private sector'.
    Give HAL competition on a equal basis, either they perish or they flourish.

    And about 'Technological Base', The Private sector definitely has better Technological base than HAL :-), and they are Accountable. Indian Engineers today are working on outsourced work for Global majors like Boeing…all this learning can be implemented in to domestic projects.

    The only thing they need is encouragement and funding from Indian Government in a similar fashion to US defense Industry

  40. This is just a airframe, very small part of C4I network.

    My question to those DRDO genius scientists is about the network centric command and control capability needed to run these UCAV's.

    Designing a stealth airframe is not a big deal these days. There are textbooks available for that.

  41. @Joy

    What should be our priority? Jeez thats a dumb question!

    A nation's priority sounds like a "dumb" question to you?? LOL! This itself shows your level of intelligence.

    In order to have "money to invest" what do you need to have in place?? What are the preconditions for robust industry and R&D??

  42. 1) All those arm-chair critics resorting to DRDO bashing should realize that none of their comments change the reality or the way R&D works. Let DRDO work at it's own pace. Let them explore – isn't that the idea of R&D? No nation becomes a Scientific power instantaneously.

    2) All those "intellectuals" crowing about poverty alleviation don't seem to understand the idea of MULTITASKING! A nation has to focus on all activities simultaneously. That's plain and simple! India spends less than 1% of GDP on R&D.So what's the big fuss about?

    A simple analogy would be how a family spends money. Any family – whether rich or poor – allocates money for different purposes: rent, food, education,fun,vacation, investment etc. It's basic common sense.Likewise, let the DRDO work with the money allocated to it by the government.

    3) Let us support our Scientists and boost their morale by providing encouragement.If we can help them in some way, let's do it … else please shut the fudge up!


  43. what about kaveri engine 23 years and result is 00000000 and 000 stop jugling with public's hardearned money and stop day dreaming you dodo people are not capable enough to develop such kind of complex flying machine you could'n manage to mature even basic trainer like sitara and talks about UCAV stop befooling the
    people you good for nothing org only can make artistic impressions and befool the nation

  44. you siad
    Yesterday, while having my lunch, I saw in the TV news that somewhere in MP people are forced to eat cow dung due to lack of food.

    True but it is your likes of the friends of the poor, that is politicians and administrators, DMs, SDMs, Mukhiyas, MP and MLAs who make the Indian poor eat cow dung. It is never lack of money but money being usurped and looted that is responsible for the poverty of millions. Defence budgets is targeted to increase that loot by the civilian Babus and politicians. Why make a scapegoat of Defence Budget which is at the minimum in the world ! Even Mali spends a better percentage of their GDP on defence !

  45. @Anon 10:27 PM

    Yes dumb question, cuz the answer should have been quite obvious to you. And sorry but my level of intelligence is nowhere near as poor as yours. Not even close. Evidence by the fact that you followed up with yet more dumb questions, which as already been answered in my previous post.

    "In order to have "money to invest" what do you need to have in place??"

    Is that your question? And what is YOUR answer to that? Distribute whatever money you have among the poor? Thats your plan on how to multiply money and get rid of poverty? Kill or restrict growth in other areas on the phoney pretext of eliminating poverty?

    Like I said, socialist retards like you have no clue. You are only good for raising stink and being a nuisance to a country's move towards progress.

  46. This dream is not too much out in the future.

    Saw an advrt in newspapers last week calling for bids to construct a building for assembling UAV. One can safely assume assembly to begin in 2014/2015.

    Moreover some of the technologies needed are getting tested in Rustom 1.

  47. Excellent on rhetoric like every other hype like quenching a thirst by crying out for water. This will remain a pipe dream as a sophisticated computer simulation only and nothing beyond……and spend millions in hope full of hypotheticals!

  48. Those of who bat bricking and trolling in this blog and elsewhere about how big a failure is DRDO need to strap some balls on and go get into such orgs and be the difference that they really want to see.

    Stop cribbing and appreciate that we have come a long way from being slaves to firangies 6 decades back !…

    & yes political motives , scams needs to be discussed elsewhere. 🙂

  49. Those of who bat bricking and trolling in this blog and elsewhere about how big a failure is DRDO need to strap some balls on and go get into such orgs and be the difference that they really want to see.

    Stop cribbing and appreciate that we have come a long way from being slaves to firangies 6 decades back !…

    & yes political motives , scams needs to be discussed elsewhere. 🙂

  50. Guys there is no alternative to indigenous capability…..even if DRDO makes excruciatingly slow progress…we have to live with it….and secondly DRDO is starting from scratch….when u start from rest it takes more effort….things will improve from 2015….all these delays are because the vote bank govts project a sense of wellness and go about swindling the nation….the sense of urgency is not there because of the false sense of security

  51. Government should straight away abandon this project for two reasons viz A stealth UAV in the control of a misguided warrior can wreak havoc and can ignite a world war and next, DRDO developing this!!! not in the lifetime of the youngest scientist in DRDO

  52. Hello Mr. Anonymous @ 02.11 who watched TV while having lunch and in TV people having cow-dung for lunch, please understand there are lot of foes around country made up against India.

    So are you recommending not to act against a terrorist attack happened in Mumbai and let them do that again and again? If your foe found that you are vulnerable you will simply suffer…

    Can you assure China wont surprise attack India again and Pak stop bitching?

    So to keep up with them, we need equipments… DRDO or some other agencies has to build these… for that we have to support them…

    Why dont you try doing yourself building confidence measures with Pak and China? You insist them no war/offensive attacks, we/India will spend on food and water supplies only but not for weapon and make them understand the point?

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