Humble Indian Airstrip Near China Border Could Become Major IAF Air Station

If a brand new Indian Air Force (IAF) proposal is approved by the Ministry of Defence, the Nyoma advanced landing ground in Ladakh — and a whisper from the Chinese border — will be transformed into a major air force station, capable of operating anything the IAF may choose to deploy there — fighters, transports or helicopters. The government is examining an IAF proposal, though there are no indications on when a decision will be made to begin work.

In September last year, the Indian Air Force landed an An-32 (photo) at Nyoma, for the first time in decades. In June this year, Indian Defence Minister AK Antony was flown to Nyoma to inspect the site. Plans to similarly develop the Fukche strip — south-east of Nyoma — have been dropped for now as a result of runway length limitations and swampy water pockets that flank the strip.

Air Marshal NAK Browne, Commander of the IAF’s Western Air Command indicated that the IAF’s newer generation fighters — he specifically flagged the Su-30MKI — could be based at Nyoma if necessary. He said the MKI had been specifically developed for high-altitude deployments and operations.

4 thoughts on “Humble Indian Airstrip Near China Border Could Become Major IAF Air Station”

  1. At least now we have realised the strategic importance of having a Air base near to Chinese Border. A small detachment of Special Forces should also be stationed.

  2. Surprisingly, Nyoma airbase can be viewed from google maps, Is that an ok situation. Air bases should be blocked from public view? Or am I just being paranoid. If I am not, the govt should take cognizance of this and pursue google and other mapping agencies to block off such data

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