Igor Djadan’s MiG-29K Photos From MAKS-2009

Photos Copyright Igor Djadan

7 thoughts on “Igor Djadan’s MiG-29K Photos From MAKS-2009”

  1. Dear Shivendra
    The diff is not just the roundels but the K factor. With Ekta Kapoor on the navy's side these birds will do wonders. For the uninitiated these are MiG 29 Ks

  2. Hi everyone!
    Nice plane indeed. And well painted also! Rare to see a Russian aircraft so clean and clear, it is really pretty. I hope the Navy will enjoy it. Trully, from 2012 the IN will show an other face on the Ocean with the couple Vikramaditya/MiG.

    Am I dreaming or is there "shark teeth" all around the nose cone? It is a technic inspired from the French Rafale which can be seen on aft parts of the wing, near the engines, on the tail and on landing gear doors. Did you see such things elsewhere on the MiG-29K's body?? That could show that the Russian have worked on the reduction of the RCS. Interesting.

  3. Nice pictures shiv…

    Mig-29K are very useful for navy,because of there small size and carrying number of weapons on broad, At least Indian navy will be swift to react in time with new and fast jets.

    But, yesterday in Times of India article saying that INS vikramaditya will be ready for naval operation in mi-2013. All most 4 years from now and the new deal on INS vikramaditya will be signed soon, then the work of refit will commenced that very unbelievable and frustrating for India Navy.

    Again odd Indian slow bureaucracy….

    shaktiraj S. Ghorpade

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