Navy Chief’s Curtain Call

The outgoing Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta held his farewell press conference today. He spoke about a whole host of things, including China, the Indian Ocean, coastal security, the need for functional rather than geographical commands, post-26/11 lessons, military diplomacy, the INS Vikramaditya etc. Just a couple of things I thought I’d put down. One, he said the INS Shivalik, underwent a successful full-power test on August 24, and is likely to be commissioned in the next two months. “It was my fervent deseire to see Shivalik commissioned in my time. She’s almost there, but not quite,” he said.

Admiral Mehta confirmed what has been doing the rounds for a while now about the delay in the Scorpene submarine programme. He said, “We have lost a lot of time no doubt. Mazagon Docks is required to procure certain material from France, whilst the hull construction activity is going on here. There has been a little phase difference in this respect, and we are trying to resolve it. But we have lost a lot of time. MDL has to do something contractual to progress it.”

6 thoughts on “Navy Chief’s Curtain Call”

  1. Did this white haired man make enough from Gorshkov to buy a shopping centre in Bangalore?

    No cost management, no project confidence, no project deadline – no problem, babuska! Its Vikramaditya or vamoose!

    India is a lover of the bargain bin. That mentality will cost you dear.

  2. Shiv, please don't publish Vincent's inflammatory comments. I get free speech and all that but I don't think any of your readers are going to miss this master troll. Ban him please, he simply degrades your great blog.

    Anyway, as far as Admiral Mehta is concerned, I think he has been fantastic. The IN is by far the most efficiently run and under appreciated branch of our armed forces. The level of indigenization achieved is light years ahead of the IA and IAF. And all that on the lowest budget of the three is great going. Kudos to the Admiral and his staff. Wish him a great retirement.

  3. Oh..and the P8I deal was inked under his purview. Among the fastest, most transparent and beneficial foreign military procurements in India's history.

  4. @Vincent.
    What ignorance. Navy is the mere end user of the 2 items mentioned. Orders were placed by Ministry & executed by Mazagon Docks/Russians. Meeting contract terms for delivery/cost is the sole responsibility of the vendors. So if spleen is to be vented, it should have been directed towards MDL or Russia.

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  6. It is extremely interesting for me to read that blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

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