TELEGRAPH: Typhoon Leads MMRCA Pack!

This new report in the Daily Telegraph suggests that the Eurofighter Typhoon is ahead of the other five fighter contenders in India’s $11-billion medium multirole combat aircraft (MMRCA) competition. The report quotes an unnamed IAF source as saying that the Typhoon emerged on top of the pack in the technical and field evaluations. There have been two earlier reports in the Indian media about the Typhoon making any cut that may happen.

Livefist’s full coverage of the MMRCA competition is here.

Photo Courtesy Eurofighter

18 thoughts on “TELEGRAPH: Typhoon Leads MMRCA Pack!”

  1. With which AESA radar could it lead the race ? Even Rafale now has an operational AESA radar, like the two US F fighters.

  2. tis cud also be a work of eads PR work..rmbr how several reports came abt hw eads wz forerunner in engine bid wid lower bid??tat article came in a UK much as i wud have lukd typhoon to win ..i wud take te report with a pinch of salt..

  3. Seeing how none of the participants have been eliminiated so far it's clear that our MoD doesn't care about differences in performance. What will ultimately decide the winnder is how many 'benefits'(read bribes) each contender can offer the babus and netas in charge of the decision-making process.

  4. Eurofighter always claims to be the best, ahead of the others competitors, the favorite for every tender.
    In reality, the final choice is always different though.

  5. I have always wanted Typhoon . Already 200 have been sold whereas no RAFALE has been sold. So the cost per plane AUTOMATICALLY comes down

    Also it means that EF typhoon is a better plane than rafale

  6. @ Anon 4:38 PM

    This is a joke! It has been proven that the Rafale is better than the EF.

    Rafale vs Typhoon in 2009 :

    ATLC in UAE : Rafale won 7-1
    Solarenza (Corsica): Rafale won 8-0

    Rafale is combat proven and is the only omnirole aircraft in activity with great advantages like full sensor fusion and SPECTRA active cancellation. Also the EF is known to be more expensive and to have no future (it is probably the first and last fighter of EADS). BAE said it will probably goes with Dassault for a 5G and UAV.

    Forget the EF and go for Rafale

  7. Typhoon does not have operation AESA radar. Its only on the paper saying by 2012 – 2015 will be in operation.

    If its typhoon its a nightmare for IAF in service/maintenance.

    Atleast F16IN or F18 has the GE engine in common with LCA.

    Go with American if you want to kick the ASS. others are good only in the paper.
    Harries( 0.75 mac) kicked the mirages (>2 mac) simply because of AIM.
    American AESA and AIM 120D are the best in the class.

  8. anon4.23: Already 200 have been sold whereas no RAFALE has been sold. So the cost per plane AUTOMATICALLY comes down

    complete bs, typhoon cost 74 000 euros per fly hour, the most expensive euro jet

  9. 12t (official sources 2010) typhoon has the weakest T/W ratio of european fighter, it is under developed, cuts in nations numbers and budget, AESA "antenna only" on back end Mca radar not before 2018, numerous mysterious crash killings pilots, won contracts on bribes, a cold war relic that hasn't ground strikes, carrier or nuke abilities!

  10. Thrust to weight is fine.. in fact its one of the best.
    its the second largest fighter project after the JSF.

    1 Fatal crash.

    Has Air to ground capability.

    the only correct assertions you make are that isn't a carrier aircraft and does not at present have Nuclear capability.

    It would be an excellent choice for India due to tech transfer and indian involvement in its future development.

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