10 thoughts on “VIDEO: India’s Astra AAM Fired From Su-30MKI”

  1. nice, quick and smokeless !!!

    Wonder whether it can be developed further and inducted for AAM and SAM role as well.

    Thanks Shiv.

  2. NSR says…
    This Astra BVRAAM missile development will hasten the RF seeker development and manufacturing in India with most probably Israelis help…
    After mastering the technology it can be introduced into SAM system like Akash and make it a body to body hit to kill missile…
    So it is really progressing in the right direction…

  3. @Anonymous 11:23 your are a wasted soul. Ofcourse!! a pice of shit like you cannot undefstand the complex engineering involved in such an advanced tech. Shut your a#@ [email protected]## before leaving a worthless comment.

  4. @anonymous: If you cannot appreciate the efforts of DRDO , KINDL;Y DO NOT CRITISIZE , this is right way forward for self sufficiency

  5. Best part was that it is smokeless. Looks awesome. Hope the hits part gets validated soon and the range is also extended.

    Two of our biggest tests, ASTRA and 3000 km SLBM, came during elections when almost everyone was busy covering politics. One had to really dig to get information. Good timing by DRDO.

    I am sure more things got done during this phase but is not in public domain.

  6. @Anonymous: Agni works , Prithvi Works, Akash works , then why shouldn't Astraa work . Mere words and statements will not do , kindly substantiate claims with facts and figures

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