‘We’ll Soon Double Speed Of Current BrahMos Missile’

On the back of a successful anti-ship test firing of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from Indian Navy destroyer INS Chennai on the Arabian Sea today, the missile program is now working to quickly help the three Indian armed forces upgrade the capability of their in-service BrahMos systems.

In an exclusive interview to Livefist, BrahMos CEO & MD Dr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra today laid out the bustling multi-pronged work that the company is current engaged in. Apart from incremental range extension tests and an ambitious roadmap to make the BrahMos much more Indian than it is, plans are also afoot to boost the speed of the supersonic cruise missile by almost double in the coming year using the same ramjet engine. Hardware work has also begun in earnest on the hypersonic BrahMos-2 and modified lighter BrahMos NG missiles. Amidst the feverish pace of testing that looms, the BrahMos CEO also hints that the two decade no-show on the export front could finally change.

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2 thoughts on “‘We’ll Soon Double Speed Of Current BrahMos Missile’”

  1. it is not a the only question of speed, but a question of stealth and navigation mode, cruise missille tomahawk or exocet or scalp or asmp a are never intercepted, but missile scud (mach 5 )are easily detected and destroyed by ground air defense or jet fighter, a double speed like mach 10 would change nothing, missile can be intercepted by jet fighter or by ground air defense. seem bramosh limited in head intelligence detection and navigation for evasive path. something wrong with brahmos. you need to adapt brahmos version to rafale, he is perfectly design for making this mission with tehe active cancellation on gournd air defense et jet fighter. it will be major advantage, after that you can call that game changer. 30 rafale with brahmos NG for tactical strikes will make hostile countries think twice. When two countries are equipped with nuclear weapons, it is clear that they will use tactical weapons first for destroying high value target.

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