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    Most of the defence blogs are political or merely report . There is no analysis.
    In the case of ship borne fighters , it would be great if a defence bloggers analysed the possible scenarios for a carrier battle . Then come to conclusion on the specs of the fighter necessary & the weapons it needs to carry.
    It does look like Navy goofed up IAC-1 design.

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    What prevents IN from inducting NLCA ?

    Please publish the exact technical issues in NLCA and why it can’t be ironed out ?

    In first place why did IN invest in NLCA Mk1, when IN knew it’s a daunting task to convert an air force version into a carrier borne version, when reverse can be done effortlessly ?

    These are the questions which needs to be answered by both IN and the developer agency ADA.

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    Aman Bhardwaj

    Shiv, why did you block me on twitter? I never abused or disrespected you in whatsoever any manner. Wasn’t seeing your tweets on my TL for quite some days, opened your ID aghast and shocked to find out that you have blocked me.

    My twitter ID is amanbhardwaj998

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    Looks like they’ve taken a page from the British.In that case it is inter-service rivalry ( RAF v RN ) that led to demise of Joint Force Harrier, their very rearly retirement, and sale of 100 airframes to the USMC for a pittance.


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