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    “The project is fully positioned as a futurustic platform.” An inadvertent pun perhaps??
    FUTU – RUSTIC? or Prophetic?

    Jokes aside I do hope this project makes it! Boy, do we need it!


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    Indrajit Majumdar

    Great article shiv. Great effort from your side.

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    Even small drones would be useful for the country. Bigger drones should be hack proof and secure and can be used for strategic bombing. Hopefully they will also develop smaller the SWiFT too for both surveillance and targeting with a few air to surface missiles/bombs etc. Certainly be celebrating if we hear it fly.

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    u people had revelead and most of pakistan and china usa might be watching this carefully 😀

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    Archisman Banerjee

    Dear sir,
    Despite it being vetted by government agencies, I would like to express my concerns about the risks of sharing images of the airframe. As I have been a student of aerodynamics and performed computer simulations, I know its very easy to reverse engineering an airframe based on images from 3 views. Using the latest software tools, a soft copy of this airframe can be generated and if needed, it can reveal some flight capabilities to the enemy camp. Kindly be careful before showing such images.

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    Namrata Singh

    Why is such supposedly secretive projects being discussed in a open forum open to all including our enemies? How difficult is it for Pakistan or China to infiltrate/hack into the IIT Kanpur systems. I am sure the security apparatus of IIT Kanpur is incapable to ward off such a state sponsored attack if it were to happen. Given the importance of such projects its in the best interest of the country to not report such matters and the responsibility lies on the reporter to use some common sense. I understand the pressure to come out with breaking news articles, but come on its not all about you. Maturity and responsibility in Indian journalism is the need of the hour. Also shame to all the officials who have made comments out of their turn. The hard work you may have put in so far may just vanish in a swift cyber attack. Everyone concerned, please learn to be humble and use your common sense for the country’s sake. You are doing the greatest disservice by giving out such details.

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    Nationalism comes before journalism. Stop, think and be mature before you write such articles which could do more harm than benefit any reader. Understood you want more visitors, etc but be a bit smart about what you should and shouldn’t write.

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    Why are idiots like Dr S. Christopher giving exclusive interviews about classified indian defence projects so openly ?? Do the sources have requisite clearances to speak about these projects? If not they should be sued under the Official Secrets Act for disclosing national secrets.

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    Typical boast by DRDO. They are trying to run a marathon without crawling! First, rectify Tejas /LCA so that its a proper fighter aircraft, with MAWS & self-protection jammer and an aircraft that is not only pilot-friendly but maintenance-friendly. When is the FOC of Tejas?

    Next, no progress on Tejas Mark1A and they want to jump to Ghatak by 2020.

    I doubt whether DRDO will supply 20 Tejas ordered by IAF by 2020 in FOC configuartion!

    These are all academic programs, wasting our tax-payer hard-earned money! Sack the lot and save money of their salaries and other expenditure to fund Indian armed forces.

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    Balti Chicken

    DRDO and ADA should keep quite and work hard on delivering. Not just half baked cakes but a full bodied chicken tikka masala and soft naans. Until the time that the curry is ready they should not utter a word about the secret recipes to themselves.

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    Indrajit Majumdar

    Where are the next parts shiv?

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    There is no qsr for this.
    Now you can make comic

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    Grow up and stop reporting indias top secret programs. Its called mature journalism
    something your pea brain cannot grasp.

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    As the intent was to make people laugh, the joke could have been smaller.

    LCA has no FOC till date
    IJT-Sitara has hit a design failure
    LCH Helicopter was supposed to get FOC in 2014, today is 2018
    Saras, a piddly 14 seater passenger plane is 25 years in the making

    Best that can be done is privatize DRDO/HAL/ADA etc and get the work done on a contract basis, otherwise generations will go, but India will keep on making paper planes through SC/ST/OBC armies

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    Ravi Rikhye

    Shiv is being entirely responsible by telling us that at least India is also trying to build its own 5Gen. I don’t think that Pakistan/China have the slightest interest in our designs. Moreover, how do we know the designs being shown are not disinformation? US does that a lot, why cant we? Since at this stage we’re just doing models, the real thing may be quite different. As for keeping secrecy, I can assure you from personal knowledge very little of what India does is secret from anyone except the general public. Not being cynical, just stating facts. Anyway, India, good luck. I do agree with critics the whole R&D process and procurement is all messed up.

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    All this is very interesting. But we do not know how to equip the infantry who waited 13 years to have his first deliveries. The famous tank ARJUN, has a hard time being accepted by the Army etc … We must be realistic realistic. You build a house, not by building your roof. We must start with the foundations and on this side we are very fragile. What a mess for 70 years!

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    Paradoxical journalism this. Title says Inside view of secret program! If it’s a secret program how can you get inside view and if you get an inside view it’s no more a secret program. No matter what, the program and news doesn’t sound serious enough at all, not especially one which can become a full-fledged full stealth unmanned fighter, which is 6th gen stuff. Hard to imagine, India leapfrogging to 6th gen fighters without even mastering 4th gen Tejas. Plus, if it’s really a secret program, this would have been dealt with in modular approach with each team not knowing what the other team is doing. Only a handpicked few scientists operating in an unexpected location would have all module details.

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    If we could build an airforce with only wind tunnel models we would have become a super power now.

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    Thanks for sharing this information. Really encouraging to know that India is finally on the committed path to build a state of the art UCAV. Glad that it will mostly be an indigenous program.
    To all those that are complaining about sharing details that can expose it to the enemy, please take a chill pill. There are a couple of these designs from different countries and in production. If it was that easy to copy then every Tom and Dick country will be designing one.

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    I don’t understand why such news is published. If it’s true, do it quietly and quickly.


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