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    Very good move. Hope ADA-HAL combo delivers.

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    If HAL says the LCA Mk2 will be ready to fly in 3 years from 2018, the most likely outcome is 5-6 years for the first flight + 3-5 years for FOC.

    In Feb 2016, local media reports said that the LCA Tejas Mk 2 will be available for ‘testing’ by 2017 and will not be ready before 2024 citing DRDO chief Dr S Christoper’s remarks to Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review.

    In Feb 2015, the first flight of the Mk2 was projected to take place by 2020 according to ADA officials. At this time, the basic design of the Mk2 was said to have been completed.

    As you can see, these dates are all over the place.

    HAL and pvt aerospace firms need to work together to develop and build enough of the LCA Mk1, 1A and more importantly, the Mk.2 a/c in a timely manner.

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    Looking ar 201 figure of LCA-2, it appears that HAL insisted >200 order and HAL said ok 201

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    Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman is arguably one of independent India’s best defence ministers to date. She has taken the wisest and most pragmatic decision, that not only helps secure India’s borders, but also sets us on the path to self-reliance.

    That the Tejas Mk.1 and Mk1A already equate the Mirage-2000 — the original MRCA — was already well known, and articulated by IAF’s test pilots themselves. These 2 jets already equal or surpass the abilities of all the MiG-21, MiG-27 and MiG-29s in the IAF. So, inducting large numbers of Tejas Mk1 and Mk1As makes imminent sense to arrest falling numbers due to retiring MiGs.

    The Tejas Mk2’s specifications are equivalent to the Gripen-E, and s. Sitharaman has admirably admitted to this. She has wisely chosen to pour scarce resources to develop the Mk2 instead of financing foreign aircraft makers like Gripen and F-16. Thus, the Tejas Mk.2 can act as the MMRCA / SEF of the IAF.

    Let’s also hope that there is no renewal of the erstwhile MRCA contest with twin-engine jets ! In any case, all of them are so bloated, that they approach the Su-30 MKI in specs; take the Rafale, Typhoon or MiG-35 for example. When we’re already upgrading our MKIs and ramping up Tejas production, no new fighter jet needs to be imported at all.

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    Sudip Das

    Why can’t the pvt sector be involved in LCA production , both HAL and a private enterprise can manufacture 20 LCAs in a year with LTSA built in the contract to ensure 75% fleet availability


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