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    An extremely sorry state of affairs. It was hoped that the Indian Navy would heave and shove if the N-Tejas fell somewhat short of requirements. After all, no less than Naval Commodore Maolankar himself said that the Tejas has long legs compared to its size.

    The Navy flew the Sea-Harriers for the longest possible time. These were extremely short-legged birds, which were clearly inadequate at the dawn of the 21st century. So, the Navy could at least have considered the N-Tejas in it’s present form, which is far more potent.

    The N-Tejas Mk.2 must be fitted with the most advanced version of GE-F-414 (or any other engine) with a thrust of at least 130 kN. This will undoubtedly bring the N-Tejas once again into contention with the Indian Navy.

    Finally, on a silver lining, the Navy’s support for the N-AMCA is seemingly positive. However, my optimism is very cautious given what has happened vis-a-vis the N-Tejas.

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    I think Navy should fly atleast a squadron or two of LCA as shore based fighters on Gujrat/Maharashtra coast. Learn from them so the experience can applied to AMCA. The armed forces will benefit to learn by comparing LCA Navy and Air Force in terms of performance and reliability .


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