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    Imported Air Force will suffer irreversible damage because of this controversy. First, the ex Imported Air Force chief incorrectly claimed that their process is worth patenting. Now, an underling claims that the same process is faulty. Are these guys professionals ? Shame on the politicians for abusing a service arm, shame on IAF for talking unprofessionally at all times. Their children will be ashamed to see what nonsense their parents speak

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    RK Satpathy

    IAF or for that matter the armed forces has a Lion’s share for the state of shambles we are in. But for their poor vision and colonial mindset the country would have progressed so gnificantly in the area of defense indigenisation.

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    This is just pathetic. The way the entire Rafale deal has been conducted show how utterly incompetent and unprofessional Indian leadership is when crucial conducting defense procurement. The IAF and our MOD clearly needs to get its act straight. Every project gets delayed every contract gets delayed every homegrown weaponry gets delay. Delay at every corner shows that he entire system is rotten to the core.

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    Indian Patriot

    It’s a shame that our derated politicians are playing with the security of the Country. By discussing about Rafale pricing they want to expose our fighters capability to our enemies. As an Indian citizen, there is a question how much money did you people get for creating this Rafale issue? Specially for Rahul gandhi when he went to Chinese embassy during Doklam standoff. How much was offered to you to raise this controversy? What did Congress do these many years to increase India’s CNP? Why after 71 years of Independence in which Congress ruled 59 years, India could not become a developed country? Why infra was not built as happening now and why there was so much rise in corruption? First Congress/UPA need to reply in this and then talk of anything. Else they should leave this country.

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    Rohit kumar

    Sir wil l love d and me airforce m jana chata m ek filling officer bankar desh ki rakha kerna chahta hu es k liye mujhe jitna heard work kerna pade m karunga ye mera drums hai jo sach kerna hai thank you to

    Rohit kumar


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