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    Dar el Kuffar

    The most interesting AA-Guns at the present day are :
    1.) NBS (Rheinmetall) MANTIS, an automated turret with the 35mm/1000 RPM Millenium Gun. The 35mm shells separate in 152 aerodynamic pellets in a pre-programmed manner just when entering the interception area. It may not shoot as fast as a double 30mm Gatling e.g. AK-630M2 or Kashtan but instead of 2x 5,000 RPM, you have 152,000 RPM in the end… Anything entering the range will have to go through a wall of metal. More classic 35mm shells can be used.
    MANTIS protects German bases, you have 6 turrets with FLIR, a remote command post and a radar.
    For sure it can easily be mounted on a truck, IFV or APC.
    It also retraces trajectory and gives coordinates for counter-battery fire.

    2.) Oto Melara 76/62 Super-Rapid.
    This 76mm Navy-Gun is very common on ships, being used by 46 nations including India!
    But few know there is also a land version named Draco
    (well, I consider a biggest IFV or a truck would have been better : too few ammos loaded to my taste, nevertheless…). And that the guided DART ammunition allows to go after aerial targets at up to 8km with 80-120 RPM. It can intercept as low as 2m altitude, perform 40 manoeuvres. At 1200m/s, it’s twice as fast as a ManPADS. It still can be used as naval or land classic artillery or with the guided VULCANO shell able to hit with great accuracy at… 40km…

    Now it’d also surely be interesting to re-use the Bofors L/70 57mm in a CIWS/C-RAM turret context. The Bofors L/70 navy gun fires 200RPM and has an interesting magazine. With an effective turret and shells thought on the MANTIS or DART principles, L/70 still has potential, the gun is a classic, so is the old-school Zu-57-2 which also could be highly modernised

    In the classics CIWS/C-RAM, you also have AK-630M2 with 2x GSh-6-30 or the Goalkeeper (using the A-10’s gun).

    I don’t think I would trust Pantsir a lot, after several have been blasted by Israelis, especially the one where 2 missiles missed and which’s gun didn’t even reacted. Now, Syrian air defences personnels are far from being champions too… Nevertheless, in case of multi-layer air defences, my choices would be, at least on paper :
    1.) NBS MANTIS
    2.) OTO MELARA 76/62 Super-Rapid
    3.) Iron-Dome
    4.) Either David’s Sling or SAMP/T
    5.) Arrow-3, but maybe having S-500’s 77N6 missile or A-235, eventually RIM-161D SM-3 block-IIA…
    The problem with Russian systems being data-fusion to merge them into an IADS with non-Russian assets through stuff like Link-16 etc…
    e.g. as early warnings, I’d consider ONERA’s Nostradamus OTH as largest layer. as 2nd layer. As all OTHs, won’t work under 800km, nevertheless, you see a B-2 coming from 3000km and it’s the only 360° OTH, then, mounting a Nebo-M (VHF/AESA) on (or in, just like the Goodyear ZPG-3W AKA EZ-1C) blimp, maybe the Airlander 10 or 50 could do the job.
    Completing with the AN/TPY-2 on 400m high pylons like the Dimona radar or again, blimp mounted, could be interesting since this X-band AESA has huge range and allows seriously accurate targetting solutions.
    Now there are other interesting stuff like Don-2N (or its successor), AN/FPS-129, Voronezh, LRDR (Long Range Discrimination Radar), etc…
    It’d deserve a serious study. BTW, just think that Don-2N in US SIOP, would be targetted by 69 contiguous launches of nuclear ballistic missiles in case of war with Russia!!! Personally, I’d disguise such facilities in a way nobody would think it has such use 😉
    Now an IADS+A2/AD needs many other assets, and not only active radars and missiles… ONERA has many good ideas on the subject…


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