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    Subarno Sinha

    India should be looking to buy similar aircrafts for both the services, as that’ll reduce the logistical costs greatly in the future. 2 different aircrafts are a recipe of complications and logistical and maintenance nightmare. F-15, as proven and capable it is, should be the first aircraft alongside Su-35 marked for rejection as they are heavy weight fighter-bombers, and not mid-weight which India is looking for.

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    King of Prussia

    Oh My God! We have been evaluating, pricing, re-pricing and contract negotiating for fighter program(s) for 40 years, but can’t come to terms with which way we want to go. A dart throwing money would have given you a better answer.

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    Lets just get a few of all fighter jets on offer and turn servicing and maintenance into a clusterduck, If the prospect of a two front isn’t daunting enough lets just make our lives harder some more.

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    What nonsense is this ? The F-15 E is in the weight category of Su-30 MKI. Wasn’t the MMRCA contest for a so-called MEDIUM weight fighter ?

    And when the Twin-engine Tejas is under development for the Navy, do we need F-18s ? That besides, an altogether new fighter type, which is quite unnecessary.

    It seems that the fascination for shiny western toys hasn’t really gone off from the armed forces.

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    The advantage of the F15E is that it is a dedicated attack aircraft and so can supplement the Jaguar.
    The IAF, as the MiG27 is no longer operational, needs a heavy attack aircraft which is also an exceptional fighter and the F15EX more than fits the bill. The Su30 while an exceptional fighter comes nowhere close in the attack ability.
    The ideal scenario for the IAF, budget permitting is 114 Rafale, and 60 F15EX. In the meantime continue with the modernisation of the Mirage 2000. By the time all these are inducted the Jaguars and Mig29 will have come to the end of their useful lives, with the experience of producing Tejas2 will mean that Indian industries should be able to maintain the Su30 and so increase their readiness levels from the current mid 50%.


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