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    Stuff & Nonsense from HAL. The 114 Fighter Aircraft will be just the Rafale MMRCA IMPORTED in successive tranches of 36-40 aircraft. It’s not feasible to manufacture 4thGen aircraft under license. SU30MKI cost 2.5times more to make under license. Make LCA/MWF now & maybe in future 5/6 Gen AMCA at least 20 years later

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    I think India is the only country in the world to import foreign jets despite having developed a light and medium 4.5 gen fighter of its own. Its the height of ridiculousness.

    Also, when we’re already purchasing 3 squadrons of MiG-29s and Su-30s, is this deal even necessary at all ?

    Will Sweden import F-15s or F-16s when it has Gripens ? No. Will South Korea import Gripens or Typhoons when it has the KAI T-50 ? No.

    This happens only in India. Also, once this phenomenon of private players assembling foreign fighters under license starts, India will perpetually be dependent on foreign jets. That’s because the private sector lobby will force the government to junk any indigenous development and hand over contracts for themselves.

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    The most effective aircraft for India’s defense requirements at reasonable cost would be

    40 Squadrons of Grippen E (Sweden) for interdiction, defense and close ground support, which is the most efficient and effective, maneuverable, future proof single seater Light Combat Aircraft in the World apart from being the least expensive and lends itself to excellent strategic, tactical and operational deployment due to its flexibility, minimal technical support requirements, excellent communication and joint operational capability enabling wide dispersal and instant swarming and rapid turn around times for rearming, engine change, refueling etc as well as proven capability to deal with all kinds of climatic conditions and terrain.


    20 Squadrons of SU-57 (Two seater Stealth Medium Combat Aircraft: which was initially being jointly developed with India by Russia) to carry out deep penetration, reconnaissance, and heavy weapons delivery while being able to defend itself effectively when deep into enemy air space ;


    1 Squadron of TU 160M (Russia) and orders for 1 Squadron of PAK DA (Russian Stealth Bomber under advanced development) for strategic bombing missions such as taking out China’s three gorges dam, Peking and Shanghai and returning home to tell the tale.

    However, India is attempting to buy weapons as an extension of Modi’s “Multi Alignment” Bribe Diplomacy from all UN Security Council Members and empty pride in non existent indigenous technological and design capability with scant regard for Military Efficiency, Effectiveness and affordability. Completely divorced from any real situation assessment as is the case with ALL Modiform laws and policies which are nothing but the last seventy years rehashed, tweaked, rebranded and relaunched. So Boeing may get a look in as part of Modi’s larger Nehruvian Gandhistry of non aligned “multi appeasement”

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      you are delusional… filling further variety of fighters just because owl gunddy and his imported mother should be happy??
      why would we buy gripen when we have the lca
      why would be buy su57 when we want the amca
      why TU bombers when you cannot bomb enemy with air defence in this age, are you from the 50s? we use tactical missliles and stand off weapons now.
      all you know is to attack modi.. you know im no modi fan but you have made us neutral people lean towards bjp because you congressi people are so rotted within.. with bribery… and you are so full of hate towards the religion of this land… aah you pathetic man, shame on you

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    Jithin Jose

    My first question is why IAF make requirement for available fighters? IAF make requirement based on what they need and select fighter based on that, what’s the challenge there?

    In my opinion, the western fighter is better than Russian roles, they are good at manufacturing and quality, Even though the cost is slightly higher than Russian ones, It will made up for it by just considering availability and reliability. Russia invested more on defense systems, they are good at it(like S400) but for the offensive platform, western jets are better.

    For MMRCA, I think we should go for say 72 F21 and 36 F35s. The US/LM has tremendous experience making fighter jets. They can establish much better manufacturing facility in India than any Russian company. Buying stuff like SU 57, )which even Russian airforce does not have any confidence to buy more of them) is stupid idea. F35 can be directly brought, and now i think US will agree for it if we sign for single big contract for 108 jets.


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