PHOTOS: Gear At Army Day Parade

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13 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Gear At Army Day Parade”

  1. They are buying sum M777 guns…these are not enough….we need to buy more….But what ever V.K.Singh is doing some good job…I hope in his tenure he buys Towed, Self propelled, wheeled, tracked….do it fast sir…

  2. Great Photo. Looks like a modernized force. And no hassles with dirty dresses, charging straight in to the den of taliban or the misuse of taxpayers unpaid money.

  3. Nice pictures Shiv…
    However, soldiers look forward to their good pictures and not DRDO pictures of unrealible systems

  4. K-force. Kupwara deployment of Indian Army's Rashtriya Rifles. Brave men. They spend their lives gutting Paki dirt.

  5. Aroor:

    I was reading a news piece related to interview of PS krishnan from ADE.

    In that interview he discussed the point that during sanctions, US asked Indian team immediately and did not return the blue-print and softwares of some systems.

    Was there ever a concern about the Indian stuff that was left in US with Lockheed. what is the guarantee that US does not know details of FBW system and other details of LCA.

    just a thought. what other members think about this. I never heard this type of discussion even in Ratshakers forum

  6. Guys me working on small project regarding radar…Does any one know which is worlds longest range radar and which is India's longest range radar…Sorry for off topic but need it badly…

  7. @Anon 1:22PM

    The Longest range RADAR that I've heard of is the Israeli Super Green Pine, with a detection range of around 800-900KM. India has the Green Pine with a detection range of 500-600KM.

    India is developing a 1500KM range RADAR named Swordfish(the initial range was 600KM).
    It is important to note that the swordfish is a derivative of the Israeli Green Pine.

    Another RADAR worth mentioning is the AN/TNY-2 developed by Raytheon, rumored to have a detection range of 2000KM.

    Note that all these RADARs are for the detection of ballistic missiles and therefore do not have over the horizon capabilities.

  8. Thank u for info guys…I found out that that US Has a X band radar which has the detection range of 4800 km….which india wants to buy for US $ 700 million and AUS has a radar which has range of 5000km which can detect Cessna Aircraft at 4000km…

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